Lionel Hanson rink tops Norquay Annual Open Bonspiel

The Lionel Hanson rink of Swan River topped the Norquay Annual Open Bonspiel held January 16 to 20.

A total of 19 teams participated, said Rubieann Kluke.

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Curling with Hanson, the second, were: Mark Maga, skip; Glen Maga, third, and Michael Maga, lead.    

Placing second, third and fourth, respectively in the first event were rinks skipped by: Rick Kinaschuk of Benito, Jeremy Hrycenko’s Team of Arran and Darwin Homeniuk’s team of Benito.

The Bob Lumley rink of Norquay topped the second event. Curling with Lumley (skip), were: Wilf Romanow, third; Donna Lumley, second, and Dianne Romanow, lead.      

In the second event, Jason Lukey of Norquay placed second; Brad Knutson’s team of Norquay, third, and fourth was Gerry Peesker’s team of Kamsack.

The Ken Newell rink of Norquay won the third event. On the Newell (skip) rink were: Kelly Butterfield, third; Rubieann Kluke, second, and Layne Butterfield, lead.

Placing second, third and fourth in the third event, respectively, were: Norquay Agencies’ team of Norquay, Lenard Bazarski’s team of Canora, and Brian Hubic’s team of Norquay.

The Norquay Ladies Bonspiel will be held February 5 to 9, and the Norquay Men’s Bonspiel will be held March 12 to 17 said Kluke.