Price at the pumps causes concern for reader

The price at the pumps has jumped 10 cents this week for no apparent reason other than to overflow the already full coffers of the fossil fuel royalty; and not a word of complaint by Andrew Scheer with an equal deafening silence from Scott Moe. They must be saving their wrath for the end of the month when fuel prices will rise 3 per cent for the refundable carbon tax.

Any increase in prices is volatile to an already stretched bank account; volatile to the ability to meet the demands of this debt-drowning life style of consumerism we have embraced so enthusiastically. We have embraced it to our peril, possibly even to our extinction if you can believe the climate scientists who have made it their life’s work to study and report the environmental destruction that our out-of-control consumerism has accomplished and seems determined to push us over that point of no return.

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While the handmaidens of the fossil fuel goliaths’ refuse to jeopardize their political careers by seriously calling into question the environmental destruction they preside over, Mother Earth flounders. The ice caps melt, the oceans rise, cold becomes colder, hot becomes hotter, extinctions multiply, storms insist on increasing in strength and devastation while the handmaidens in politics strategically turn a blind eye.

Party politics and its obedience by our elected MPs is not progressive. Free votes should be the rule. There should no party whip, no omnibus bills laden with hidden agendas, no lying politicians or cover ups. Lobbying for profit should be abolished as should political donations from any entity other than Canadian citizens and those donations should be limited to the affordability of the commoners that make up the country.

The commoners that most suffer from the intensifying environmental fury must speak in union. Even our children have more clarity about the oncoming storms and are speaking up. Time is no longer short, it is here. We can no longer follow these handmaidens of capitalist empire whose allure and ambitions are destroying the life-giving capacity of our planet. As a human race with the gift of self determination given to us by creation, we must mature ahead of these environmental disasters, ahead of our failing representative democracy and the environmental destruction it allows.

We must and act, and we must act now.