Woman and daughter lose everything in house fire

A Kamsack woman and her daughter are homeless after having lost everything in a house fire on September 5.

Dorrine Ironstand and her daughter Misty Dawn Quewezance are appealing to the community for donations and looking for a new home that is wheelchair accessible after a blaze at 144 Wallace Street completely destroyed the house they had been living in and renting for the last five years.

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“We have nothing left,” said Ironstand. “Even our pet cats were lost in the blaze,” she said tearfully.

It was only by luck that there was no one home at the time the fire started. Ironstand left the house with a friend around 4 p.m. on the afternoon of the fire. Her daughter was visiting with her father at the time.

“When I returned home after 5 p.m. the house was all in flames and the emergency vehicles were already on the scene, including the Kamsack fire department. Nothing was saved,” she said.

Ironstand has been confined to a wheelchair for the past 10 years and is in need of a place to stay that is wheelchair accessible.

Tamara Cote is a friend of the homeless women and has been trying to help them put together some interim help until permanent living accommodations can be found.

Anyone who is able to help out in the aftermath of this house fire is asked to contact Tony or Dorrine at 306-590-7029, or contact the New Beginnings Outreach Centre in Kamsack where donations may be dropped off.