Town Council seeks public input regarding the future of the airport

Options regarding the potential closure or alternate uses of the airport and concerns regarding the Town process on tendering were among the items of concern to town council at its regular meeting on April 9.

Council agreed to seek public input on the potential permanent closure of the airport and ideas to address the deteriorating condition of the runway or alternate uses for the area from residents and the surrounding communities.  

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Council acknowledged the concerns/suggestions presented by Phillip Gemme in regard to the Town process on tendering and instructed the administrator to draft a revised tendering policy for review at the next council meeting.

Council acknowledged the marketing and economic development presentation update from IOM and BCS; and instructed the administrator to discuss with them a revised scope of work.        

Council approved the purchase an FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) membership for 2019.  

Upon review of the scope of the draft Master Recreation Plan RFP (Request for Proposal), council decided to table this RFP for future consideration and instead issue a RFP for a structural evaluation of the Sportsplex.           

Council agreed to provide a letter of support to the Saskatchewan Arts Council in support of grant funding to develop an Artist in Residence program and gallery in the vacant space at the Crowstand Centre.  

Council authorized issuing the draft letter to Sask Power regarding a solar generation facility.       

Council agreed to invite Sgt. Stringfellow to the April 23rd council meeting to discuss the Annual Policing Priorities Plan.

Council accepted the 2018 draft audited financial statements and instructed the administrator to advise Baker Tilly to produce the final statements for signature.     

A bylaw to enter into an agreement with Sunset Housing for an economic development tax concession was introduced, read three times and adopted.     

Council acknowledged receipt of the information on the SUMA Sector meeting in Prince Albert.

Council acknowledged receipt of SUMA Convention reports from Mayor Brunt and Councillor Koreluik.           

Council ratified the hiring of Clint Raffard and Darrell Lomenda.              

Council ratified Councillor Foster to attend the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative in Virden on April 25.

A round table discussion was held for information sharing.