Town Council plans volunteer appreciation evening

A combined volunteer appreciation evening in October and an informational presentation on solar energy were among the items of concern to town council at its regular meeting on March 25.

Council agreed to hold a combined volunteer appreciation evening in October.     

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Council acknowledged the information presented on solar energy by Sycamore Solar and thanked Andrew and Justin for their presentation.

Council acknowledged the marketing and economic development information presented by IOM and BCS and thanked James and Bob for their presentation.   

With the expiration of the current agreement for cleaning at the OCC Hall on March 31, Council decided to issue a new tender based on a variable pricing structure rather than a flat rate.                   

Council accepted the offer to purchase from Clayton Hilton for the following lots, subject to the standard conditions:

-           Lot 12, Block 64, Plan 77Y07892

-           Lot 13, Block 64, Plan 77Y07892

Council granted permission to consolidate these two lots.   

Council approved the consolidation request from G.C.O. Investments Limited to consolidate the following three commercial properties:

-           Lot 7, Block 9, Plan N336, Ext 0

-           Lot 8, Block 9, Plan N336, Ext 0

-           Lot 9, Block 9, Plan N336, Ext 0      

Regarding the request for zoning exemption, council agreed that the Administrator would follow up with the property owner to discuss other commercially zoned options, and if there is no suitable space elsewhere, begin the public notice process.

Council accepted the minutes of the March 6 Recreation Board meeting as presented, and further, that Councilor Ruf discuss alternative projects for the Recreation Board to consider in 2019, and the purchase of basketball nets for the pool was approved.    

Council acknowledged receipt of the information on the replacement of the bridge on highway No. 5, scheduled for 2019.   

Council accepted the minutes of the January KVFD (Kamsack Volunteer Fire Department) meeting as presented.                               

Regarding the Golf Club lease, that Appendix A attached to Bylaw 04-2019 be amended as follows: 

-           Remove the following two phrases from section 12 of the agreement:

  • (Possible change:  during the term of the lease)
  • (possible addition:  any buildings, improvements, fixtures or chattels left on the property by the lessee shall become the property of the Town of Kamsack)

Bylaw 04-2019 was then read for the second and third times and adopted.


Bylaw 11-2019, a bylaw to enter into an agreement with Highway 49 Firefighters to provide mutual aid support for fires was introduced, read three times and adopted.

Bylaw 12-2019, a bylaw to enter into an agreement with the RM of Sliding Hills for fire services was introduced, read three times and adopted.

Council accepted, with regret, the resignation of Shelly Yasinski, effective immediately.              

Councilor Bishop was authorized to attend the Parkland College Entrance Scholarship program and present the Town of Kamsack scholarship.   

Council accepted the report from Councilor Foster on the ASWA (Assiniboine Stewardship Watershed Association) as presented.                             

A round table discussion was held for information sharing.