Town Council discusses importance of the KamKids Daycare

The submission of information from KamKids Daycare regarding its importance to the community and the final report from the tree planting project along the river were among the items of concern to town council at its regular meeting on January 14.

Council received the information provided by the KamKids delegation, acknowledged the importance of the daycare in the community, and thanked the board for its hard work. Council agreed that the scope of planning for future municipal facilities/upgrades will be broad based and encompass as many of the community needs as possible.

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The Garden of Saskatchewan Award item was tabled for discussions at the strategic planning session around a possible volunteer awards night in 2019.

Council denied the request for a roots payment for the blocked sewer at 326 Fort Pelly, as the blockage was primarily caused by dirt, concrete pieces and miscellaneous debris.

The final report from the tree planting project along the river, done in conjunction with the Assiniboine Watershed Association was accepted as presented and filed.

The town of Kamsack made the following appointments for 2019: Collins Barrow as its auditor, Nicole Sawchuk as solicitor and Meridan Inspections of Warman as building inspector.

The town engaged TAXervice for tax enforcement processing services for 2019.

The town dispensed with appointing an engineering firm to represent it and reserved the right to hire appropriate firms as required for each initiative.

The town requested the ministry of environment review the permits for the following people to shoot pests and predator animals within the Town limits: Joe Kozakewich, Rick Aikman and Walter Lesiuk.

Council agreed to modify the fire agreements as follows: change to a two-year term, and add a fee for false alarms that are cancelled after the trucks leave the shop but before arriving at the scene equal to the SGI MVA. All other portions of the agreements remain the same.

Council agreed that the mayor and councillors complete the public disclosure annual declarations and return them to the administrator by January 31.

Council agreed that the list of properties with 2018 arrears balances over $300 be sent to TAXervice to begin the tax enforcement process.

Council accepted ownership of the properties located at 140 Third Avenue North and 127 Carment Avenue in Kamsack, currently owned by Dave Goodwin, with the following conditions: the Town will complete the change of ownership documents and the current owner agrees to pay the ISC transfer fees of approximately $25 per title.

The Town of Kamsack appointed Councillor Koreluik as the representative for the Kamsack Library AGM, with Mayor Brunt as a second.

Council authorized the mayor and administrator to sign the operational agreement with the Kamsack Volunteer Fire Department as presented.

Council agreed that letters be sent to all business/residents that are in violation of the snow and ice removal bylaw, advising them they needed to remove the snow they have piled on town property by January 25 or the Town would do this and charge the cost back to them.

The Town agreed to assist property owners with locating the boundaries of the property for a legal survey, however when property pins cannot be located the property owner is responsible for the costs of a legal survey if he or she needs to determine the exact property lines. Therefore, the request was denied to have the town pay for a legal survey of a piece of land between Highway No. 5, the road to the golf course and the river, adjacent to Broda Park.

Council agreed that the funds raised by the Recreation Board in 2018 and not spent be moved to reserves for recreation.

In response to the request from the RM of Cote for a meeting regarding the agricultural use of town water, Council proposed February 12 in Room 204 at the Crowstand Centre.

Council agreed to provide a letter of support for the request by the RM of St. Philips to the ministry of highways regarding designating Highway No. 49 as a primary highway.

Council listened to the concerns of Tim Derwores and agreed to respond to them after looking into the matter.

The Utility Management Bylaw was introduced, read three times and adopted.

A Code of Conduct complaint was tabled until the entire Council is present for discussion.

Council ratified the in scope salary increases as per the current CUPE contract.

Council authorized reimbursing Aimee Kerluke for tuition and books for the accounting course she successfully completed.

Council ratified the promotion of Kerluke to the out of scope position of assistant administrator effective January 13, and authorized her to be added to town accounts as a signing authority.

Based on the recommendation of the fire chief, Council approved the application of Austin Guenther to join the Kamsack Volunteer Fire Department.