Town council briefs for November and December

Kamsack Town Council held a regular meeting on November 13.

Council has begun investigation into the feasibility of erecting a Solar Farm on the town-owned former NPC (Northern Petroleum Corporation) site. Councillor Karen Koreluik was given the task of requesting information on past projects in Canada and also to gather information on the solar facility being built in Saskatoon and the one in Brooks, Alta.

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Council approved a request from Westminster United Church to close Hudson Bay Avenue from the alley to Queen Elizabeth Boulevard on August 4, and was in favor of allowing the church to set up picnic tables in Senior’s Park.

As per policy, council agreed to rebate 50 per cent ($1,331) of the municipal taxes paid by the Ukrainian Catholic Hall.

A $500 internal scholarship for Parkland College was approved.

Regarding the TTP (Tax Title Property) tender results, council accepted a tender of $120 from Shane Werboweski for 333 First Street (Lot 04, Block 07, Plan I1224), and further, approved the consolidation of the above noted property with Lot 03, Block 07, Plan 11224.

An offer to purchase 328 Alberta Street (Lot 13, Block 06, Plan AJ2175) for $100 from William and Lietta Depeel was accepted and consolidation with Lot 14, Block 06, Plan AJ2175 was approved.

Council acknowledged receipt of the information from the Saskatchewan Health Authority on the implementation of further harm reduction programs in Kamsack and requested that a representative from the program meet with council to hear firsthand council's concerns.

No further follow-up was required on the under-sized signs in the sign corridor.

Council authorized the day off with pay for staff on December 24 in lieu of a Christmas basket this year, and further they authorized purchasing $50 gift cards for KVFD (Kamsack Volunteer Fire Department) volunteers.

KamKids Daycare was approved to relocate its Chase the Ace fundraising initiative to the Broda Sportsplex curling mezzanine.

The Players Drama Club was to be provided access to the OCC Hall from December 3 through 14 at no charge in lieu of a sponsorship donation.

The Community Standards for Public Places bylaw (bylaw 24-2018), was adopted.

Bylaw 26-2018, a bylaw to amend the utilities bylaw, was introduced, given three readings and adopted.

At the November 26 meeting, council awarded the annual insurance tender to Cottenie and Gardner.

Representing the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), Dr. Chhetri, medical health officer and Sherri Walker, director of integrated primary health services, provided council with information about the existing needle exchange program and the new inhalation supplies program.

Council acknowledged the information, but continues to be concerned about the following:

  • Focus and imbalance between resources (funding) spent on drug paraphilia as opposed to programming in our area to help addicts and their families;
  • Implementation of best practices designed for major cities in small town Saskatchewan;
  • Increased risk to the public from discarded needles and pipes;
  • The cost and risk to town staff on cleaning up discarded needles and inhalation devices.

Based on the recommendation of the fire chief, council approved the following promotions: Bruce Thomsen to deputy chief; Ryan Lambert to captain, and Larry Planedin to lieutenant.

The Drifters Snowmobile Association was to be advised that council is supportive of moving the trail back to its previous location (along the berm beside the airport and then by the walking trail), as long as the trail is clearly marked and further, that public works be directed to put up barricades at either end of the walking trail to discourage snowmobilers from driving on the walking trail.

The last regular meeting of the year was held on December 20.

TAXervice, on behalf of the Town of Kamsack, was authorized to proceed under the Tax Enforcement Act to acquire title to 412 Second Street.     

About the request for approval to operate a commercial cannabis cultivation and production facility at property located at 530 Park Street West, zoned industrial, council was prepared to process the discretionary use application for the property once the applicant has been awarded a cannabis micro cultivation license.