Togo Bonspiel attracts a dozen entries

One Togo family’s dedication to the sport of curling, and the ability to attract some volunteers, resulted in ice being made, and 12 teams signing up for a mixed bonspiel that was held at Togo.

The Doug Elsasser rink of Togo, with Ralph Hilderman, Rosalie Hilderman and Logan Hilderman, topped the first event of the bonspiel which was held February 12 to 16 on two sheets of natural ice.

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The rinks of Craig Mohr, Gary Lenderbeck and Tyson Leis placed second, third and fourth respectively in the first event.

Kevin Kreutner, curling with Karla Lesy, Daniel Kreutner, and Hannah Lesy won the second event. Jeff Airriess of Togo placed second; Dave McGinnis, third, and Amanda Burback of Togo, fourth in the second event.

The Robert Ferguson rink topped the third event. He curled with Marilyn Ferguson, Marv Ferguson and Ken Zimmer.

The Levi Erhardt rink of Togo placed second in the third event; Al Staub was third and Lyle Dixon, fourth.

Again this year, ice was made for the Togo curling rink by Wayne and Jeff Airriess.

The banquet was catered by a group of volunteers organized by Donna Airriess and donations were made by local businesses from “both sides of the border.”

Overall the partial week and all day Saturday curling was well attended and was considered to have been a huge success, the information said. “This was definitely a community effort and wouldn't have been successful without everyone pulling together,” said Donna Airriess.

At the banquet, held in the Togo Hall on February 16, Amanda Burback was acting emcee.

“Donna Airriess, with help from Blanche Irvine, Cheryl Konowalchuk and Barb Elsasser, did a super job of organizing the banquet for the event,” said Burback. “Dessert was supplied by community members.

“We’ll keep doing the bonspiel in Togo as long as we have participants. It’s nice to see some participation of youngsters with an interest in curling,” Burback concluded.

Participating rinks were from Kamsack, Togo and San Clara. The curling rink had been open for practice on the Monday night prior to the bonspiel.