SWF’s Henry Kelsey Big Game Records announces new provincial record

On October 1, 2018, Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation member, Dennis Bennett, arrowed the deer of a lifetime in the Arm River area of Saskatchewan. 

This non-typical mule deer was panel measured by official Henry Kelsey (HK) measurers on October 7 and scored 293 6/8.  It has been declared a Henry Kelsey provincial record, meeting the minimum score of 200, and surpassing the previous provincial HK record of 290 taken back in the 1920’s by Nelson Clark.

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Henry Kelsey and Pope & Young both use the Boone & Crockett scoring technique, with the difference being that Henry Kelsey uses the green score, whereas P&Y and B&C require a 60-day drying period.  Pope & Young, which records animals taken by archery only, has declared Bennett’s deer a P&Y world record with a score of 291 5/8.

“Bennett’s non-typical mule deer entry now joins Milo Hanson’s buck (white-tailed deer) as another recognized world record harvested from Saskatchewan,” said Warren Howse, SWF Henry Kelsey chair. “It is indicative of the quality of wildlife resources we cherish here in our province.”

For more information on the Henry Kelsey Big Game Records, visit swf.sk.ca