SaskExpress entertained Kamsack audience in the Playhouse

A hometown girl, performing for her third season with the travelling entertainment troupe known as SaskExpress, performed for a Kamsack audience on August 18 at the Playhouse.

The show was part of the Kamsack Street Festival, organized by Shanley Allard, recreation director.

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The show was titled “Reel Music,” featuring chart toppers from favorite box office offerings, covering everything from the black and white era to the Netflix generation, according to a release from SaskExpress. The show was written and conceived by Danny Balkwill and choreographed by Matt Alfano.

The performers include Elizabeth Hilderman of Kamsack.

"Since starting rehearsals in April the cast and I have been working tirelessly to prepare for the tour,” Hilderman said in a release. “Sometimes it can feel like a lot but it’s the type of hard work that you know will pay off in the end. But that doesn’t mean we don’t leave room for fun.

“The people I work with have become some of my best friends and I can’t wait to see what the summer brings for us. Since this technically isn’t my first show being a part of SE (SaskExpress), what with me being an understudy in 2017, touring isn’t as foreign to me now. From what I can remember some venues were very hot, some were very windy, and sometimes we’d be asked to perform an impromptu song in a coffee shop. I'm excited about the sunburn and the bus rides and to show Saskatchewan the amazing show our director has made for us."

According to attendees, the cast did not disappoint the 150 plus in attendance at the Playhouse Theatre. “They performed for a full two hours,” said Nicole Larson, volunteer and member of the Playhouse board.

“The SaskExpress performance was very good and our local hometown performer, Elizabeth Hilderman, sure impressed the audience,” said Allard.