RM Election results announced

Election results have been announced for RM polls held across Saskatchewan on October 24, including those in the Kamsack region.

In the RM of Cote, Div. 2 incumbent Councillor Vern Bowes was re-elected with 39 votes over opposer Trevor Chernoff who received 11 votes. Div. 4 incumbent Dale Schwartz was re-elected with 42 votes over opposer Trent Leis who received 7 votes.

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In the RM of Calder, Div. 2 incumbent Councillor David Fyck was re-elected with 21 votes over opposer Terry Marteniuk who received 11 votes.

The RM of Livingston required no polls.

In the RM of Keys, Div. 2 incumbent Councillor Tammy Bobyk-Jacquemart was defeated with 16 votes while Clinton Kraynick was newly elected    with 17 votes.

Div. 6 Vivian Morgan defeated incumbent Councillor Clarissa Mydonick with 165 votes to her 18.

In the RM of Sliding Hills, Div. 2 Councillor Tyson Beyko was newly elected with 16 votes over Richard Solonenko who received 11 votes.

Div. 4 incumbent Councillor Mike Choptuik was defeated with 34 votes by opposer TimVerigin who received 44 votes.

In Div. 6 incumbent LeeAnn Weinbender was re-elected with 52 votes over opposer Karen Parker who received 4 votes.

In the RM of St. Philips incumbent Councillor for Div. 6, Conrad Vogel was re-elected with 51 votes over opposer Andrew George Seversen who received 25 votes.

In Div. 6   incumbent Councillor Ron Sorrell was re-elected with 28 votes while Mike Kalinowksy was defeated with 23 votes.