Preeceville candidate seeking NDP nomination for Canora-Pelly

Stacey Strykowski of Preeceville has declared her intention to seek the NDP nomination for the Canora-Pelly constituency.

In her announcement, made on August 15 at the riding association’s summer barbecue in Preeceville, Strykowski said it was time to challenge an absent MLA and a government which has clearly forgotten rural Saskatchewan, according to a release.

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Strykowski, a lifelong area resident, sits on Preeceville Town Council, is a community services activist and volunteers for many organizations, said the release. She and her husband, Jonathan, along with their two children live in Preeceville, where she works for The Co-operators.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand the effects of the cuts to service in rural Saskatchewan,” said Strykowski. “As a founding member of the Health Action Committee, I’ve been raising awareness and speaking out against cuts to acute care service delivery in our community. Preeceville Hospital is in name only. The 10 acute care beds are no longer utilized purely for acute services. We were assured that emergency services would fill the gaps, but emergency services have been further compromised by lack of coordination and underfunding, with now, only one unit available at all times in Yorkton, and one on call. Units based in Preeceville are supposed to pick up the slack. This level of risk is just unacceptable.

“Municipal funding equates to not even a full point of the PST. This drastically affects the quality of infrastructure and services that councils can provide and Preeceville Town Council constantly seeks creative alternatives to offset the cuts to funding which should be constant and reliable.

“I’m really concerned about how the cuts to education will affect my children and all those attending schools in the division. More and more, we’re expected to fund-raise for things the government used to support.

“The elimination of STC has had an unbelievable effect on our communities, particularly those who are elderly and have medical needs that must be met in urban areas. This service was crucial to rural Saskatchewan, not only for passenger travel from remote areas, but freight delivery as well.

“I believe an MLA should be a visible advocate, a presence, a true representative who listens to the concerns of constituents,” said Strykowski. “In rural Saskatchewan, we have each others’ backs. We support one another to enhance the quality of life for all. We haven’t seen much of Mr. Dennis. His absence in the community speaks volumes as to the commitment of his government to rural Saskatchewan. I look forward to changing that, to being truly available to my fellow constituents, to hear their concerns and to raise them in government.”

The Canora-NDP constituency association is planning a nomination convention later this fall.