Prairie Women On Snowmobiles Mission 2019 ready to roll

Prairie Women On Snowmobiles (PWOS) is a non-profit organization whose annual Missions are provincial awareness events that are designed to focus attention on breast cancer and the recreation of snowmobiling as well as raise funds for Canadian Cancer Society breast cancer research.

Over the past 18 years, PWOS has raised an amount totalling over $2.5 million said Kelly Kim Rea of Norquay, president of the group for the past three years.

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“For the past five years, PWOS has worked with the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and have raised $303,600 which is funding that is used to purchase equipment that stays in Saskatchewan cancer clinics,” she said.

Rea has been with PWOS since 2015, and rode in Mission 2016.

“When a donation is made to our PWOS mission, every dollar goes to the cause. There are no administration costs.

“At our annual AGM (annual general meeting), the membership gets to vote on how every dollar that is raised is going to be spent. The members decide which research project to fund, and which equipment to purchase for the cancer clinics,” she said.

The group was formed when two friends, one a breast cancer survivor, asked her friend to snowmobile across Saskatchewan to raise funds for breast cancer research. Together the two planned, organized and implemented PWOS.

The goal since inception is to have this Mission go across Saskatchewan each and every year to raise the funding for breast cancer research, says information on the PWOS website.


Each Mission consists of a group of 10 volunteer snowmobilers who travel across Saskatchewan, passing through many cities and towns in six days and covering approximately 1400 kilometres. Volunteerism is the whole picture of PWOS women dedicating their time, resources, and sleds to help make the Missions so successful.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canadian women and the second most common cause of cancer death in women, the information said.

“You do not have to ride a snowmobile or even own one to be a member. If you want to support PWOS, you are welcome to join.

The Mission 2019 route is:

  • Feb 3, Meadow Lake, St. Walburg , Turtleford, Meota and North Battleford
  • Feb 4, Cut Knife, Unity, Kerrobert and Kindersley
  • Feb 5, Eatonia, Leader, Fox Valley and Maple Creek
  • Feb 6, Gull Lake, Swift Current, Kyle and Rosetown
  • Feb 7, Delisle, Biggar, Asquith and Martensville
  • Feb 8, Hague, Duck Lake, MacDowall and the finale in Prince Albert.

The Executive is working on setting up these venues, so the route may be subject to some changes, the information said.

The following are the core riders for Mission 2019:


Brittany Fox of Lampman

It is an absolute honor to have been chosen to be a core rider for the 2019 Mission. I’m looking forward to this incredible journey of doing something I love and raising awareness for this disease that destroys so many lives and families.

Kim Hladun of Canora

When someone you love is diagnosed with Cancer, we all fight it. It is a very exhausting battle for the entire extended family. It’s not a choice. You wake up with Cancer and go to bed with Cancer. From this experience I have learned to never take any day for granted, for tomorrow may never come.

Brandi Kashuba of Preeceville

I truly believe that in my lifetime there will be a cure and with this opportunity to ride for such a great cause, I get to be one step closer to finding a cure.

Shawna Leson of Canora

As a funeral director, I spend many of my days writing people’s life histories but conscripting my own bio for PWOS seemed an overwhelming task. I’m assuming this is due to the incredible honour of being part of something so amazingly significant.

Arlene Lockinger of Humboldt

I have lost many Friends, Neighbours, and co workers to Breast Cancer and I am hoping with my help we can work hard to get closer to finding a cure and raising awareness for early detection.

Kaylee Plamondon

I knew from the first time I heard about PWOS that I wanted to become a part of it one day. Well, my day has come and I can't even tell you how excited I am.

Janis Stanley of Carievale

I am deeply honoured to have been chosen to ride in Mission 2019, knowing that my participation will benefit so many people and for such a great cause.


Alison Taylor of southeast Saskatchewan

I am dedicating my ride to my parents, that their grand children (my daughters) will not think death when they hear the word cancer - they will feel HOPE. By being a part of this ride I feel like this is my way of contributing directly to that.

Nadine Wiebe-Trapp of Emma Lake

I think about everyone battling this horrendous disease and how they must feel. Every day they have to get up and fight. They are exhausted and not sure what the next corner will bring. Tired mentally, emotionally and physically drained but they get up, and they take on life. They don’t have the option, they did not volunteer, and they just do it every single day.

Shauna Menzel

Working in the health regions I have seen the broken hearts in children, as well as husbands going to visit their loved ones, crawling into bed with their mom, wife, grandmother or aunt, wishing she could go home with them. I'm here today in hopes that we all can make a difference and work together in raising awareness for early detection.

Donations may be made to the individual riders in support of a rider of one’s choice, and also on the Internet.