Only one person new to Kamsack teaching staff for 2019-20 school year

Students of the Good Spirit School Division will be returning to class on September 3, the day after Labour Day, for the 2019-20 school year.

The division’s library technicians and administrative assistants will be returning August 23 and the teaching staff on August 27, according to information received from Brittany Trowell, the human resources advisor at the GSSD. The educational assistants return August 28.

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At Kamsack a total of 71 persons, including teachers and support staff, will be returning to work at the Victoria School and Kamsack Comprehensive Institute, while at Norquay a total of 29 persons will be working to help educate the community’s youth.

At KCI, there are 19 persons who will be employed as support staff including administrative assistants, caretakers and educational assistants, and only three of them are considered new to the staff of the school. They are Jeremy Allard, the Aboriginal Community Worker, who also will be doing the same work at the Victoria School, and Sandy Bedore and Beth Dix, educational assistants.

Returning members of the staff are: Rayne Townsend, achievement coach; Tammy Heskin and Michelle Tomochko, administrative assistants; Martin Leis, Amy Luu and Donna Sawatzky, caretakers; Jalayna Bielecki, Shannon Bielecki, Lee Bowes, Lisa Kuba, Anne Morenos, Tara Richardson, Jeffrey Smandych and Nicola Straub, educational assistants, Barb Tetoff, library technician, and Cheryl Bloudoff, nutrition worker.

Returning to work as teachers with Tracy Forsythe, the principal, and Ryan Gareau, vice-principal, are: Brian Angeloni, Claire Bishop, Bethany Brade, Tracey Fedorchuk, Julie Gareau, Michelle Guillet, Kevin Kitchen, Ryan Lambert, Tyler Lorenzo, Alexis McGonigal, Juliana Nichol, David Placatka, Joanne Schwartz, Cara Shabatoski, Wendy Shabatoski, Aimee Sipple, Barbara Tanner, Glenda Tulloch, Jordan ven der Buhs, and Darren Kitsch, the band instructor.

Jeremy Allard is the only person listed as new to the staff of the Victoria School, which has a total of 17 support staff and 13 teachers.

The support staff includes: Monica Morgan, administrative assistant; Michael Syvret and Ling Tang, caretakers; Jaime Brock, Leanne Fissel, Christine Henderson, Crystal Hermary, Stacy Hilton, Kim Hudye, Sheryl Kissack, Andrea Marsh, Kyla Mines, Jenna Nahnybida and Theresa Puk, educational assistants; Rhonda Thomsen, library technician, and Leanne McLean, nutrition worker.

Only one teacher is new to the Victoria School staff: Nicole Piercey.

Teachers returning to work with Karie Thomas, the principal and Kendra Simon, the vice-principal, are: Kathleen Grill Tulloch, Kimberly Gulka, Chantel Kitchen, Kelly Lambert, Keri Lindsay, Desiree Lee Lorenzo, Aleksandra Stankusz, Chelsey Williams and Michael Woollard.

At Norquay School, only one of the school’s support staff is new to the staff: Victoria Kovach, an educational assistant.

Other support staff returning at Norquay are: Tracy Grywacheski, administrative assistant; Ruth Lukey and Daniel Wasylenchuk, caretakers; Erin Auchstaetter, Tracie Chermcora Kazakoff, Ronda Lasko, Christine Lukey, Jwanita Newcombe, Bowdrie Northrop, Rene Wasylyniuk and Nicole Wright, educational assistants, and Sandra Turta, library technician.

Returning to work with Trevor Olson, the principal, are: Barry Chorneyko, Melissa Chorneyko, Laura Davis, Lisa Dyck, Jeannette Ebert, Geoff Grocholski, Robyn Holodniuk, Heath Morin, Nicole Olson and Lindsay Peters.