Norquay volunteer recognized by the Garden of Saskatchewan Citizen’s award committee

A Norquay woman who is passionate about her community and about volunteerism has been presented with a plaque from the Garden of Saskatchewan (GOS) Citizen’s award committee.

Nicole Korpusik, an owner of Norquay Agencies, received the plaque on November 21 from Jaime Johnson of Norquay.

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“I am part of the nomination committee for the GOS Citizen’s award as I am the trustee for GSSD (Good Spirit School Division),” said Johnson. “I nominated Nicole Korpusik and she has been selected as the recipient of the Garden of Saskatchewan Plaque Award for this year.” 

“All persons nominated for the award will now be recognized,” said Wendy Becenko, a member of the GOS committee. “When someone nominates, the person they nominate is considered for two years. At the conclusion of the two years they are presented with the plaque if they have not been rewarded the ring.

“It was felt by all members that if someone felt you are worthy to be nominated then that deserves recognition. This motion was passed at the last meeting of the GOS selection committee in June,” she said.

For over 30 years, the nomination committee of the Garden of Saskatchewan Citizen Ring Award has selected recipients from Togo, Kamsack, Veregin, Cote First Nation, Pelly and Norquay for the prestigious Garden of Saskatchewan Citizen Ring Award, said information from the committee.

“The persons chosen for this award are true philanthropists; leaders who have shaped our communities into what they are today. As said by the awards’ founder and contributors, Stan and Betty Clark, ‘It’s time to honour those who have dedicated their lives to communities,’” it said.

“Since moving to the Norquay area in 2010, Nicole has volunteered her time and skills to numerous community groups including the Norquay and Area Chamber of Commerce, Norquay Rec Board, Norquay Playschool Board, Norquay Kin Club, Pelly Daycare Board and the Farmers Filthy 5K,” said Jaime Johnson in the nomination papers. “She often takes a leadership role in the organization she participates and is highly respected because of her positivity, energy and creativity.

“She has served on organizing committees for the Norquay Communiplex and Norquay Health Centre fundraising events.

“She has channeled her love of sport and community into several clubs where she has started programs and coached children. Over the years, Nicole has helped organize and facilitate many annual and biennial events, such as the Norquay Telemiracle Supper, the Farmers Filthy 5K run and the Norquay Ladies Gala.

“These events have raised thousands of dollars for community infrastructure projects and charitable causes and serve to bring community together for fun and fellowship.

“Many of the clubs or events that Nicole is involved in would not function as effectively or even exist if it wasn’t for her time and dedication. In a place where volunteers are sometimes scarce, Nicole’s involvement in so many community groups has been invaluable to our area,” she said.

Korpusik is married to Jeremi Korpusik who is equally involved and dedicated to community participation and betterment. Jeremi serves on numerous boards as well including the Norquay Co-op Board, the Norquay Communiplex Management Board and the Norquay United Church Board. He serves a Legion member, the Norquay Curling Club executive and coaches baseball. As parents of two young boys, Nicole and Jeremi work together to support each other’s involvement in community clubs and projects that they are passionate about said information on the nomination papers.

“In addition to all her volunteer work, her career and her family, Nicole enjoys playing hockey, curling, skiing, yoga, running and baseball,” said Johnson. “She is an avid reader and is part of a ladies book club.

“Even if they are not involved in the organizations, Nicole and Jeremi try to attend as many community events and functions as possible including the Norquay Community Christmas Gala, community dances, school plays, school sporting events and legion suppers.”

“I feel humbled to have even been considered for this award,” Korpusik said. “I have lived all across North America, and now live in Norquay and in my opinion, small towns are the foundation of this province and every small town is built on volunteerism because every function that happens depends on volunteer help.

“I am very honoured to receive this award, but there are so many deserving volunteers who should receive recognition, and I acknowledge all of them. I don’t carry these events all on my own; there are many others who help.

“I also need to acknowledge everyone who comes out in support of these events. Without support, community events wouldn’t be successful.

Korpusik was raised in Pense. Her husband is from Pennsylvania, and they have lived in Boston, Colorado, and Regina before purchasing Norquay Agencies in 2010.

“As a volunteer, I help organize events for the betterment of the community, and it’s all fun. It gives the youngsters something to do, and it’s well worth it.

“I am lucky we own our own business so it gives me a bit of a flexible schedule to donate my time.”

“With my involvement in the Norquay and District Chamber of Commerce, I was involved in making the change to the Hwy 49 East Chamber of Commerce and have been secretary/treasurer from 2016 to the present.”

Korpusik has added one more time commitment recently as she is a newly-minted director on the IBAS (Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan) board, where her goal is to be a “small town ambassador and speak on behalf of small town insurance brokers.”

“Both the Rec Board and Daycare I stepped down from this fall to focus on the Chamber and my newly appointed directorship on the Insurance Broker’s Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS),” said Korpusik.

“Although I stepped down from the skating club in 2017, I’m still the president of Norquay minor hockey, and I also coached IP in the 2017/18 season.”

She coached the Canora minor hockey atoms as assistant for 2017/2018, and now with Preeceville minor hockey as assistant coach for both novice and atom, as well as Sturgis field lacrosse U8 coach in 2018.