Norquay graduation held in honour of 13 students

“We need to be open to change and new opportunities while still pursuing what we have planned,” Keely Foster said in her valedictorian address during graduation exercises that were held in honour of 13 senior students of the Norquay School on May 31.

“It is a bit confusing to think about but it is true (that) plans don’t always go how we thought and we just need to be prepared for that,” Foster said.

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Paul Henderson was the emcee for the program and Foster said grace. Brooke Shelenko thanked the caterers and servers and Henderson read a letter from the minister of education. Toasts were made to the Good Spirit School Division board, the School Community Council, the staff, the parents and the students.

The program began with Laura Davis singing O Canada.

As president of the student council, Keely Foster welcomed everyone to the event and said she felt privileged to have served as president of the SRC during “one amazing year.”

“We had many very successful events that went on in our school and I would not have been able to manage them without the support of the amazing SRC team I had,” she said, thanking members of the SRC. “And last but not least I would like to thank Mr. Olson and Mr. Morin for putting up with our crazy new ideas and redirecting us in a more realistic way. You guys put up with us all year and I thank you for all the hard work you put into this group.”

Henderson introduced Grant Johnson who was the guest speaker. Various scholarships were presented and Haley Griffith made a slide show presentation.

“Now would be a good time to grab your Kleenex to all the mothers out there,” Foster said as she began to deliver her valedictory address.

“It doesn’t seem too long ago that we were in kindergarten learning numbers and letters and here we are today, sitting on stage about to get our Grade 12 diploma. We will soon be sent off starting a new chapter in the crazy thing we call life.”

Foster thanked the staff at Norquay School “for being there whenever needed.

“You have taught us over the last 12 years of our lives and without you guys we would not be up on this stage right now. You have heard about all our crazy stories and you have been there when we were in tears, like when I was crying because Reece beat me on an English test this year. Thanks for your support Mr. Morin. You have been with us through a lot of our ups and our downs and we greatly appreciate you for that.”

Addressing the parents, Foster said that they “have raised us to be the people we are today.

“Without you guys pushing us to do our best every day, we would not be here today. I’m sure you guys don’t miss the tantrums or the potty training days, but let's be honest, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye when we are off to our next chapter of life.

“Just know this: you have taught us and prepared us for this day our whole lives and I think that you all did an amazing job because you raised some pretty awesome kids.”

Speaking to her fellow graduates, she said that this day is “very well deserved by every one of us who is graduating.

“Through all the laughter and the tears, more for some than others; through all the good days and the bad days, we powered through and now we are here. Well done everyone. We have learned many valuable lessons and some not so valuable lessons like how to find the square root of 100.

“What I know for sure is that every one of us is prepared with the knowledge and wisdom to move on in to the next step of our lives.

“Here are some things to remember:

“Take life one step at a time, because it’s really hard to take two steps at once, I mean unless you jump but then you miss a step and it gets really confusing from then on. Metaphorically speaking though it’s true, you have to take things one step and one day at a time, if you get ahead of yourself life just becomes a bit of a mess.

“If Kerri is ever upset don’t ever tell her to calm down. Mr. Weir can speak to experience. It was not a good experience, just so you know.

“Dreaming of greatness is not enough to achieve it. If you want to achieve what you have been dreaming about you actually have to put actions towards it.

“Always stay humble and kind. This is an important one to remember. Through the good and the bad times the best personal quality I think a person can have is to stay humble and kind.

“Whether you have a plan after this or not, we need to know that what we have planned or what we expect to happen may not always go the way we thought it would, and that’s OK,” Foster said. “I know that each of us is well equipped to face whatever challenges life may bring us after high school.

“I wish you the best of luck with this next step in life,” she said. “Congratulations to the Class of 2019.”

The program concluded with a grand march and dancing.

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