Judge finds Edmonton man guilty of breaking woman's arms in road rage attack

EDMONTON — A man who broke a woman's arms with a crowbar in a road rage attack was found guilty Friday of aggravated assault and a weapons charge.

Jared Eliasson was arrested by Edmonton police in March 2017 and charged with attempted murder, possession of a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault.

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During the trial Chelsea Schendzierlorz told court that she honked at Eliasson for blocking an intersection with his vehicle.

She testified that he followed her home and struck her while yelling "Die bitch die.'"

Schendzierlorz was treated in hospital for two broken arms that required multiple surgeries.

Court heard that Eliasson told police investigators 17 times that he did not attack her.

Justice Adam Germain of Court of Queen's Bench said he didn't believe him.

"I must advise Mr. Eliasson, I do not believe his denials of guilt," Germain said in reaching his verdict.

The defence argued the Crown did not prove the identity of the attacker beyond a reasonable doubt.

Germain said he is sure that the vehicle shown in Schendzierlorz's dash cam video is Eliasson's and that he attacked her.

"Any suggestion that it was some coincidentally similar vehicle simply violates the law of common sense," he said.

"Once I reach that factual conclusion, any suggestion Mr. Eliasson was not the person who assaulted Ms. Schendzierlorz is ludicrous."

Eliasson’s sentencing hearing is set for July 2.

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