Veregin New Horizons hall committee hosts another sold-out fundraiser

People in Veregin, the surrounding area and people who have long moved away but still retain fond memories of their time in Veregin, all came together to host another fundraiser.

On Saturday night the Veregin hall packed with people who were there in support of the Veregin New Horizons hall, and having a good time in the process.

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Celebrate Canada’s 150th was the theme for a fundraiser dance held at the hall. This was the fourth fundraising effort by the committee of the Veregin New Horizon’s Inc. that was formed approximately two years ago as an emergency effort to save the hall in Veregin.

 “At the time the committee was formed the hall was in desperate need of a new roof and other major improvements,” Nadia Reibin, committee president, said. “It was either begin fundraising to save the hall or let it go entirely. We chose to fundraise.”

Two years ago, the Veregin hall was in rough shape, according to Reibin. The hall was not being maintained and had lost its charitable status from when it had first been incorporated in 1980.

A group of citizens who were determined to save the hall got together two years ago and formed a committee, and they have since reversed the flagging fortunes of the hall, and have re-instated its charitable status while fundraising and implementing much-needed improvements.

“Every fundraising event has been a sold-out success so far,” said Reibin. “We’ve had two ham and perogy suppers and a shishliki barbecue as past events, and the support has been tremendous.”

She said that all the lamb and chicken meat for the event’s shishliki sales was donated by Tim Verigin and Murray Verigin.

Reibin said in addition to the roof repair, the hall has gotten a new furnace with the help of a grant, new windows and doors, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, new sinks, taps and toilets and a commercial dishwasher for the kitchen. Also, tables and chairs have been recently purchased.

“The hall is being booked regularly now for events such as meetings, funeral luncheons, reunions and birthday celebrations,” said Reibin. “We have very reasonable rates. We hope to see a long future for this hall.”

The event began with a performance by the Border Mountain Blue Grass group and then Reibin said a few words of welcome.

“We are excited about having the dance as a fundraiser because it takes people down memory lane, back quite a few years, when communities had dances in the hall regularly,” Rebin said, adding that when Garth Malayney of Saddles and Steel was approached to play for the event, he immediately said he would come to play the music personally at this function.”

 “Garth got his start as a music entertainment provider at least 30 years ago in Veregin with his friend Bruce Kurenoff,” said Reibin.

“When asked what was different about the music 30 years ago as compared to today, Malayney responded that back then all the music was played from tapes.

“We still have some big renovation projects lined up for the hall,” said Reibin. “New exterior siding, paint and interior flooring are the main ones.”

Anyone interested in booking the Veregin New Horizons hall for an event may contact either Reibin or Wendy Chernoff.