Town Talk with Mayor Nancy Brunt

New sign and planter for public library

The Kamsack Public Library has been granted permission by the town to erect a new sign and flower planter to brighten the entrance of the building located at 235 Second Street in Kamsack. The new sign will replace the previous one which had become old and rusted.

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Supporting local students

The Town of Kamsack is pleased to announce that they have supported two Parkland College scholarships this year. The 2021 award recipients were Zachary Zbeetnoff and Austin Hilderman.


Succession planning

A motion was carried regarding succession planning for Kamsack’s public works staff. Town Superintendent Tracy Klapatiuk will be retiring soon, and Don Wright, who currently serves as Water Utilities Foreman, will be stepping in to cover the position with the new title of Town Operations Manager. Mayor Brunt said an internal job posting will see a new Public Works Foreman come from within the current staff structure to ensure the security and knowledge they have developed is passed down seamlessly.


Speed limit change

Kamsack Town Council has voted to change the speed limit on both Queen Elizabeth Boulevard and Nykolaishen Drive to 40 kilometres per hour. The new signs are currently being shipped and the updated speed limit will be enforced as soon as the signs are erected.


New truck

The Town of Kamsack has purchased a heavy duty truck to join the fleet that services the town. Mayor Brunt said the used truck is in great shape and was purchased at a good cost with some reserve savings.


Pigeon Problem

Viterra has approached the Town of Kamsack regarding an out-of-control pigeon problem. Mayor Nancy Brunt said the situation will be assessed and handled by the town’s pest control officer. She added that the town relies on designated shooters to take care of pests like pigeons and magpies that cause considerable aggravation. When this type of service is required, the town will try to inform those in the neighbourhood and the RCMP will be notified in advance.


Ribbon Skirt Day

The Town of Kamsack is supporting the momentum of Senate Public Bill S227 by declaring January 4, 2022 to be the first of an ongoing annual National Ribbon Skirt Day in Kamsack.


Fixing the rink

An engineering company recently presented the Kamsack Town Council with its vision of the best approach to fix the Broda Sportsplex Ice Rink. Mayor Brunt said the project is still in the research phase as the town waits for approval on an ICIP grant to fund any potential upgrades.


Budget approved

After two devoted meetings, Kamsack Town Council has approved its budget for the year and residents can expect to see tax notices fairly soon. Mayor Brunt said the goal was to continue with efforts to keep a slim margin between residential and business rates as they have done in the past few years. With a nation-wide increase in the costs of goods and services, council was obligated to increase taxes slightly. Mayor Brunt said every effort was made to make the impact on taxpayers as small as possible. Residents are reminded that because of the stress associated with the pandemic, there will be an extension until June 30 to get a five per cent discount on property taxes.