Throwback Thursday: From the files of the Kamsack Times


(EDITOR’S NOTE: All items are from the June 23, 1988 issue of the Kamsack Times.)

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Mervin Minish of Swan River and Val Konkin of Kamsack were the top winners of the men’s and women’s seniors’ golf tournament held at the Riverside Golf Course.


Although an alternate on the Saskatchewan team to attend the national Masters five-pin tournament in Saskatoon, Ann Babiuk of Kamsack was admitted to the team when another bowler was unable to attend.


Wanting to gauge the support for a Sunday opening of businesses, the Ties asked 10 businesspersons at random if they favoured having the option of doing business on Sundays and all but one said they did not want the option.

“I don’t like it,” Oryst Kluchka of United Radio and TV said.

“I’ll never do it,” said Barb Herbert of the Macleods store.

“Weekends are for holidays,” Norm Hawryluk of Hawryluk Agencies said.

“Years ago convenience stores were set up to carry the weekend shopping traffic,” Brian Frederick of Kamsack Meat Processors, said.

“No, I wouldn’t like to see it happen,” Barb Barton of Adam and Eve, said.

“No way. If you can’t do it in six days, you won’t get it done in seven,” said Lee Roth of the Kamsack Shop-Rite.

“I’m not for it. It’s not necessary,” Minnie Raddysh of the Robinson’s store said.

“I just don’t agree with it; it’s hard on staff,” Mary Ann Woollard of TLM Confectionery, said.

“Convenience stores should be allowed to operate seven days a week but in my business, seven-day shopping is not more beneficial than six, which is no more beneficial than five,” said Jeff Hilderman of Kam-Tronics.

Only Ken Cymbalisty of the Kamsack Red & White store did not object to the seven-day shopping proposal. “If a person wants to be open seven days, he should be allowed to,” Cymbalisty said.


Gordon Dalshaug of Saskatoon, a well-known Saskatchewan horseman specializing in dressage, was to be the instructor at a riding clinic sponsored by the Kamsack Horse Club, according to Marlene Brock.


The 55 graduates of the Kamsack Collegiate Institute were: Michelle Kuzma, Cindy Perepelkin, Robert Popoff, Larry Mackesey, Carissa Donaldson, Elodie Jordens, Craig Salahub, Darcy Lepowick, Dwayne Popoff, Linda Mereniuk, Karen Berezowski, Kevin Fediuk, James Helmkay, Trena Andrychuk, Ronald Krawetz, Wade Matveyenko, Earl Tourangeau, Robert Hutton, Donna Pfeifer, Frank Pohozoff, Norma Harper, Nicole Matechuk, Lorrianne Manchuk, Danny Vereschagin, Anna Wonitowy, Scott Yarie, Stacy Stelioff, Robert Clark, Karen Boyd, Dana Swetlikoff, Lyle Skrapek, Kimberly Shukin, Dean Kazakoff, Cynthia Becker, Neil Finnie, Lisa Butler, Treena King, Elodie Musqua, Donna Barabash, Kurtis Cherewyk, Kyla Bloodoff, Renata Lemire, David Burback, Lorelie Braun, Lisa Pister, Cameron Braun, Ken Toporowski, Joanne Lepowick, Karen Dixon, Gillian Dey, Donna Bobyk, Andrew Wlaswich, Jason Todosichuk, Lisa Thomas and Terry Pfiefer.