Sunrise Health Region employees at Kamsack recognized

            Of the more than 450 employees of the Sunrise Health Region who have reached significant five-year milestones in their employment, 38 are employees at Kamsack and they were recognized during a reception held in their honour last week.

            In addition, included in a list of 111 recent retirees of the Health Region are the 10 who had worked at Kamsack and they received special recognition during the employee recognition banquet held at the Kamsack Legion Hall May 11.

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            As emcee for the program, Lorelei Davis, the health services manager for the Kamsack Hospital and Nursing Home, welcomed all the employees and their guests.

She introduced the head table guests: Dr. Phillip Fourie of Yorkton, vice-president of medical services; Dave Schappert of Langenubrg, the vice-chair of the board; Joanne Bodnar, director of integrated health services; Hidy Bloombart, director of operational support services; Terri Podovinnikoff, operation support services manager at the Kamsack Hospital and Nursing Home; Debbra Reihl, assistant health services manager at Kamsack, and Kim Howard of Norquay, manager of home care in Kamsack and Norquay.

            “You all did your best to do the best in a job that’s not always easy,” Davis said, thanking the employees for the hard work and dedication needed to provide care at the Kamsack Hospital and Nursing Home.

            Bringing greetings on behalf of the board, Schappert said he was pleased to recognize the milestones reached and the great work that the staff had done.

            “You’ve affected the lives of many people through great work” and were instrumental in helping to make many changes, Schappert said, adding that from the bottom of his heart he thanks the retirees and wished them happy times and the very best in their future endeavours.

            Changes are coming and they sometimes create angst and concert, he said. Changes will be for the betterment of the patients and residents.

            Schappert told a story from his personal life that explained how “a touch, a kind word, a hug or a smile” might turn a person’s life around. He thanked the staff for their comfort, collaboration, compassion and creativity.

            “What we do every day is help those in need,” Dr. Fourie said, explaining that although staff members might see a certain situation often, that situation is probably the first time a patient has faced it and to the patient it could be scary.

            “It’s important to take each one as an individual,” Fourie said, encouraging the retirees to celebrate their retirement.

He thanked the retirees as individuals and as team members and wished them health and happiness. Addressing the staff members who had achieved certain milestones in their careers, he quoted Oprah Winfrey saying that the more one celebrates, the more there is to celebrate.

After a brief silence in memory of staff members who have died, awards were presented to staff members who were retiring, and those who have achieved the milestones of having been five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years on the job.

The staff members recognized for having been employed at the Health Region for five years were: Jeffrey Abdon, Patricia Altman, Chrissy Pelechaty, Rhonda Rosset, Michelle Tall, Tyson Tetoff and Shereen Thomas.

Ten-year recipients of awards were: Sarah Adam, Lisa Kazakoff and Joann Lavallee.

Fifteen-year recipients were: Helen Bebenek, Kimberley Chernoff, Gwen Foster, Hartley Gogol, Glenda Judd, Della Pfiefer, Terryline Podovinnikoff, Judy Ransom, Leanne Romaniuk, Valerie St. Marie, Tracy Swetlikoff and Joscelyn Symak.

Employed for 20 years are: Roxanne Rayner, Carla Chernoff, Maryann Chutskoff, Kristen Dereniwsky, Elizabeth Glute, Arlette Howard, Douglas O’Dell, Rose Radford and Janette Vidomski.

Thirty-year recipients were: Vera Battams, Kerry Pfiefer, Laverne Swetlikoff and Patty Witzko.

Katherine Kotusonoff and Donna Krawetz were recognized for having worked for 35 years, and Caroline Clark, for 40 years.

Honoured as retirees were: Linda Barisoff, Vera Battams, Caroline Clark, Elizabeth Danyluk, Joann Lavallee, Laurie Leis, Teresa Reilkoff, Beate Saalmann, Laverne Swetlikoff and Margaret Tysowski.

The barbecue chicken banquet was catered by In Good Taste of Togo. Draws were made for the potted plants which had decorated each of the dining tables.

Following the program the employees, retirees and guests spent the remainder of the evening socializing.