Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame seeks information on Kamsack Cyclones

The Kamsack Cyclones baseball team was selected in 2019 to be inducted into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame in the Team Category in 2020, for the team’s contribution to our rich Saskatchewan baseball heritage. This celebration has now been postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We now ask for information from anyone who could provide names of any members of the organization and team members names listed, or the names of their living family members.

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Committee members are: Chis Davis, chairman; Rubin David, president; Paul Paluck, manager and Walter Mikaleshek, secretary-treasurer.

The Cyclones, which took the name after the infamous cyclone of 1944, emerged from the nucleus of the Cote Royals: John Rapchak, Walter Haljeski, Albert Cottenie, Mike Dewores, Stan Green and Bill Dewores.

The rest of the team were Kamsack boys including: Jim McIsaac, Roy Falkiner, “Twisty” Allard, George Falkiner, John McIsaac, Tony Rizzuot, Sam Werbowetsky, Cpl. John Doyle, Roy Brown, Walter “Sag” Leskiw, Peter Morosoff, Wes Gorkoff, Mike Symchyshyn, Albert Cole, Stan Clark, Bill Berezowski, Charlie Achtymichuk, Dan Wassill, Max Berezowski, Ernie Saranchuk, Gordon Rettig, Walter “Shorty” Paluk and Percy Severight.

Any, and all help from Kamsack and district citizens will be greatly appreciated. Call Jane at 306-446-1983, or email

Thank you.

Jane Shury