Sadok Ukrainian Dancers perform in concert

            Members of the Sadok Ukrainian Dance Club at Kamsack performed in their year-end concert at the Kamsack Playhouse on April 27.

            After an introduction and the Pryvit, Melody Lin danced a Poltava solo, and Haven Krawetz, a Hutzul.

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            The Boyan group, comprised of 11 to 13 year old dancers, performed a Budovynian dance. They are Lee Tomkulak, Josh Hilton and Makayla Romaniuk.

            Brooke Taylor performed a Poltava solo and then the Rozmai group, comprised of seven-year-old dancers, performed a Poltava. They are Seth Symak, Rhys Lawless and Taylor Thurlow.

            The Kolos group, comprised of dancers aged six years to eight years, performed a Transcarpathian dance. They are: Kacee Kitchen, Ava Tomkulak, Meesha Romaniuk, Finley Hudye, Trista Palagian and Kira Salahub.

            The Sonsche group, a group of dancers aged 10, performed a Poltava. They are: Brooke Taylor, Bobby Taylor, Haven Krawetz and Melody Lin.

            After the intermission, Bobby Taylor, Trista Palagian, Finley Hudye and Meesha Romaniuk danced Poltava solos.

            The Rozmi group returned to the stage for a Poltava dance; the Sonsche, for a Bukovynian dance; the Kolos, for a Poltava and the Boyan group for a Poltava.

            Eric Sliva was the instructor.

            Persons wishing more information on the Sadok Ukrainian Dance Club or those wishing to join for the next season are asked to contact Kelly Hilton.