Playhouse board decides to delay theatre opening

The board of the Kamsack Playhouse met September 4 to discuss how the facility will function going forward.

“We hadn’t met since January,” said Jack Koreluik, treasurer.

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“Basically, we agreed to wait to see how everything works with the back-to-school situation,” Koreluik said, adding that the board did agree to attempt showing a first-run movie at the beginning  of October and see how well that works out.

“We agreed we’d need extra help to show the movie,” he said. “We estimate we would need at least five volunteers, rather than the usual three to show the film.”

All members of the board agreed to work that first movie but social distancing rules will be enforced, he said. The theatre will have to be sprayed with disinfectant following each use and the theatre will be restricted to 30 per cent capacity, which is 60 people.

It was agreed that there will be no Christmas in November craft show and sale and board members learned that the Sadok Ukrainian Dance club is currently determining the interest in dance instruction, which is held in the theatre.

It was decided that there will be no Christmas dinner theatre in December this year, but members of the Kamsack Players drama group are discussing the possibility of staging a play in the Playhouse. A decision regarding such a production is expected soon.

Because the Stars for Saskatchewan concert series was stopped because of COVID-19 before the end of the series, the Playhouse will be honouring holders of the season tickets, he said. When the Fitzgeralds, the family of musicians who were to stage the last concert, feels it is safe to continue their tour, ticket holders will be admitted to the Kamsack concert at no extra charge.

The board agreed to put all major planned expenditures on hold, Koreluik said, explaining that before the pandemic struck, board members were discussing the possibility of replacing some seats and upgrading the floors.

On the board with Koreluik are: Brenda Wyllychuk, president; Dustin Wilson, vice-president; Shelley Filipchuk, secretary, and members Nathan Maciborski, Colleen Shabatoski and Karen Tourangeau.