Playhouse audience have “minds blown” at Chris Funk concert

A show billed as a “dynamic and mind-blowing magic show that has entertained and amazed audiences across the globe” did not disappoint on Saturday night.

The charismatic entertainer known as Chris Funk the Wonderist put on an exceptional performance for a family-friendly audience at the Kamsack Playhouse on November 2.

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“Good evening Kamsack, I’m Chris Funk the Wonderist,” he said. “Wonderist is not a word you will find in the dictionary. I made it up because I am redefining wonder!”

The fast-paced, highly audience interactive show began with Funk passing “the tube of wonder” to audience member Dave Clark for safekeeping, instructing him to keep his eyes on it at all times. The significance of the tube was revealed at the end of the show, when Funk exposed the contents to the amazed and delighted audience of around 60 persons in attendance. Definitely, “mind-blown.”

Funk admits to performing his first magic trick at the age of 16 and from then on he was completely hooked. He chose to follow the path as a magician rather than pursuing a career in music.

He kept his audience entertained with his amazing talent, performing illusion after illusion which left the appreciative audience saying “Wow!” over and over.

Whether he was regurgitating a playing card or cutting open a juicy ripe tomatoe to discover a twenty dollar bill inside, he kept his audience’s attention with his witty commentary and amazing talent.

The act contained a wide range of masterfully presented illusions that had the audience wanting more.

After the show, many in attendance gathered to get autographs and have their photo taken with the performer.

“I’m so glad we came!” remarked Michelle Guillet. “Silas had so much fun!”

“This was just the most amazing time ever,” said Kassie, who came with her two children. “My mom gave me the tickets for my birthday present and we had so much fun!”

“We all really enjoyed it!” said Shanley Allard who attended with her daughters Shayla and Kaley and her father-in-law, Noel Allard.

Funk’s wife, Charity, travels with him as his assistant. They couple are formerly of Winnipeg, and are now based out of Chilliwack, B.C.

The previous evening, Funk had performed for an audience of around 130 in Wynyard, as part of his Saskatchewan tour.

“I love this Playhouse venue,” Funk remarked backstage before his performance. “It’s always exciting to discover such an amazing building in which to perform.”

There are illusionists and there are magicians but Chris Funk the Wonderist is in a class all of his own. To have a performer of his calibre entertain at the Playhouse was an accomplishment for the Kamsack Arts Council.

The Kamsack Arts Council has done an excellent job of entertaining at the Playhouse for the live performances.

“Bringing in quality live performances is the mandate of the Arts Council,” said Jack Koreluik, chair. “If we are to continue it will be necessary to have strong community support for these events.

“We were pleased to present Chris Funk who has entertained audiences around the globe. We were also pleased to present the show on a Saturday night, an evening where hopefully more people could attend.

“Although we did not have as many in attendance as we had hoped for, we were very excited to present talent of the calibre of Chris Funk,” he concluded.

Funk definitely impressed and brought the “wonder” in “Wonderist” to the Kamsack stage.

The sheer “wow factor” of the performance left the audience wanting more, and his performance left a lasting impression.

The next performance in the series at the Playhouse will be a new take on the classic travelling troubadour with a performance by Don Amero on February 21. The show falls somewhere between a family friendly stand up comedy show and an intimate concert.

On April 22 the Kamsack Arts Council presents the Fitzgeralds, a family group consisting of three-time Canadian Grandmaster Fiddle and Step Dance Champions, in a show that will resonate with audiences of all ages.