Old photographs help to fundraise and inspire memories

When Zita Serhansaw that the Friends of Madge Lake was selling old photographs of the park, she was inspired to look through her family photos where she found an old memory of one of her childhood trips to Madge Lake. The organization’s fundraising effort inspired Serhan and her daughter to look back at the old photograph and wonder about the importance of the lake. It is one of the values of the organization to inspire moments like these.

“The Friends of Madge lake is selling old photos people have of others on the beach and then mom remembered she had these,” explained Serhan’s daughter, Angel Serhan Seitz. “It was taken in 1949. This was the one trip they had made to Madge Lake.”

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Friends of Madge Lake is a non-profit organization that fundraises through various efforts so they can continue to promote the preservation of the natural environment and special natural features of Madge Lake for their intrinsic value and for the inspiration and enjoyment of present and future generations as a public trust. The purpose of the organization is to identify valued projects in the park, raise sufficient funds to fulfill their goals and work toward enhancing the Madge Lake experience.

“That picture is taken on old lake road, before the highway was built I believe,” said Serhan Seitz. “You don’t see many pictures of that sign. That sign was taken down years ago and you don’t see a lot of pictures of it.”

Like her mother before her, Serhan Seitz wasn’t given many opportunities to make recreational trips to visit the lake.

“I had never been to Madge until I met my husband in 2003. I knew the first time I came out here, that we were going to live here one day. We came back here and kept our promise that we were going to live here.”

For over three years Serhan Seitzhas called Madge Lake her home and the photograph of her mother’s childhood trip is personally meaningful to her as she is now enjoying exploring the lakes and woods around her, and inviting her mother to join them at the lake and do the same.

“Mom is really enjoying visiting our family home at Madge Lake. She loves being in the bush, in the trees again, it’s quiet here when you get out of town. Obviously it wasn’t like this back then!

“I don’t know how long it would have taken to drive out here back then. What would it have been like to grow up back then? Life was a lot harder then, but yet seemed so simple at the same time.”

Serhan Seitz said it is good to see the memory of her grandparents looking so young and both having smiles on their faces.

“Life was a lot harder then, but yet seemed so simple at the same time. I love how they are dressed for going to the lake. White socks and dresses, you wouldn’t think that they were going to the beach.”

Friends of Madge Lake are always looking for volunteers and fundraising support as well as new members. The annual membership is $20 and can be purchased online at friendsofmadgelake.ca