Most incumbents were favoured at the municipal election polls

            In district municipalities where polls were needed on October 26 to conclude the municipal election, basically incumbents found favour with voters and were returned to office.

            At Kamsack where Councillor Nancy Brunt was elected unopposed following nominations on September 21 to succeed Rod Gardner as mayor, the two incumbent councillors, Claire Bishop and Maria Nahnybida, were returned to office for another four-year term.

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            Topping the poll as one of the six councillors at Kamsack was newcomer Jason Pennell with 277 votes; Bishop polled 269 votes and Nahnybida, 263. Jared Ruf received 258 votes; Mark Foster, 257, and Karen Koreluik, 225.

            The unsuccessful nominee was Wayne Snyder with 128 votes.

            Council is to have its inaugural meeting on November 7.

            At Togo, where Mayor Loretta Erhardt was opposed by Ebony Herman, Erhardt was returned to office with 47 votes, while Herman obtained 31.

            Re-elected to council were the two incumbent councillors, Doug Laviolette with 70 votes, and Michael Ruf, 40. The unsuccessful nominee was Barry Herman, who polled 38 votes.

            Two ballots for councillor were spoiled.

            At Norquay, Mayor Don Tower was returned to office with 138 votes, while his opponent, Maggie Lukey, received 85 votes.

            Elected to the five councillors’ seats were: incumbents Loretta Perrick with 140 votes, Rick Dahlin with 137 and Ken Newell with 136; and newcomers Laura Dahl with 1221 votes, and Ken Paluck, 109.

            The two unsuccessful incumbents are Kevin Ebert with 108 votes and Jim Predinchuk with 102 votes. Also unsuccessful were Garry Twerdoclib with 103 votes and Heather Martin, 92.

            No polling was needed at Pelly where a second nominating day was need on September 29 to acquire a full slate of candidates. Georgina Genaille was nominated unopposed and was declared elected, along with those who had been nominated on September 21. They were: Mayor Sharon Nelson and councillors Trevor Auchstaetter, John Llewellyn and Kevin Krotenko.

            At the RM of Clayton, Duane Hicks received 196 votes to win the battle for reeve, while his opponent Douglas Ferder obtained 108. In Div. 1, Harold Ferstl obtained 45 votes, while Trevor Altman polled 12 votes. In Div. 3, incumbent Wayne Barsby had been was re-elected unopposed.

            In the RM’s Div. 5, where no nominations had been received and no nominations were received at a second nominating day, a byelection is being held. The nominating day to fill that seat was yesterday (November 2), with the vote, if more than one person was nominated, to be held December 7.

            At the RM of Calder both incumbents were defeated. Incumbent Reeve Melvin Woloschuk, who received 78 votes, was defeated by Roy Derworiz with 225 votes, and in Div. 5, Randy Napady received 47 votes to defeat incumbent councillor Tyson Becker, who obtained 40 votes. Incumbent councillors, Trevor Baumung of Div. 1 and Don Soloninko of Div. 3 had been re-elected unopposed at the close of nominations.

            Gilles Comeault, the incumbent reeve of the RM of St. Philips, received 67 votes while his opponent Bernie Vogel obtained 165 votes to win the election. In Div. 3, incumbent councillor Larry Mosiuk was returned with 29 votes, while Shane Vidomski obtained 24 votes, and in Div. 5, Harry Wlaswich obtained 31 votes to take the seat away from incumbent councillor Ron Seitz who polled 18 votes.

            Incumbent Reeve Vivian Morgan of the RM of Keys won re-election with 166 votes, while his opponent Leslie Hryhoriw received 106 votes, while in Div. 5, Lorne Gazdewich obtained 53 votes, defeating incumbent councillor Ken Lozinski who received 25 votes. Incumbent councillor Garth Bates had been re-elected unopposed for Div. 1, and Donald Kraynick was elected the councillor for Div. 3.

            At the RM of Sliding Hills, Incumbent Reeve Harvey Malanowich was re-elected with 156 votes, while his opponent Blake Cairns obtained 95 votes. Elected unopposed at the close of nominations were: Ron Rozema, the incumbent councillor of Div. 1; Murray Mudrey for Div. 3, and Janet Ostafie, the incumbent councillor for Div. 5.

            In the election for the Good Spirit School Division board sub-division 1 seat, which is the member for the Kamsack, Norquay and Pelly area, Jaime Johnson was elected to succeed Bryan Cottenie with 336 votes, while her opponent Janice Derwores obtained 188 votes.