More Kamsack district gardeners display more entries than last year despite adverse weather conditio

            Vicky Koreluik was once again the recipient of the grand aggregate award at the Kamsack and District Horticulture Society’s annual show of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

            Koreluik, who had obtained a total of 154 points at the show held Friday, has received that award several times, including the past two years. Placing second with 148 points was Lorraine Barabash. Cindy Koreluik, the society president, was third with 122 points, while Karen Pfeifer obtained 121 points.

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            Because of this year’s weather, gardeners just did not have the exhibits, especially flowers, to show, said Joan Svenson of Brandon, Man., who judged the Kamsack show. Svenson spends the summer months at her family cabin at Madge Lake.

            The vegetables were better, but the fruit selections were down, Svenson said, adding that it was an earlier season than normal.

            Even in Brandon, things started to grow in April and were done by June, she said. If this trend continues, societies might have to consider moving up their dates for shows by at least a week.

            At Kamsack the wine and preserves were very good, but generally, it was a rather bland show, she said. “But, it’s just what the people had to deal with.”

            This year, in spite of the weather, 18 members of the society selected and showed a total of 311 exhibits, which is more than was shown last year when 15 members entered a total of 304 exhibits, Cindy Koreluik said.

            It was still wonderful with what was brought to the show, and is a credit to the gardeners, but many exhibits were shown which in another year would not have been selected to show, she said.

            “But I’m always glad to come here to meet the people I’ve come to know over the years,” she said.

            Laurie Zbeetnoff received the lily aggregate award, while the show’s award for best lily went to Cindy Koreluik.

            Lorraine Barabsh received the gladiola aggregate award, while Marie Hudye had the show’s best glad.

            The show had only one dahlia, which placed second. It was shown by Vicky Koreluik.

            Cindy Koreluik received the vegetable aggregate award, while a cluster of tomatoes shown by Karen Pfeifer, was named the show’s best vegetable.

            In the best houseplant category, Karen Pfeifer received the award for a foliage plant; Marge Popoff received the award for best outdoor plant, and June Chernoff had the best mixed pot.

            Vicky Koreluik had the best garden container.

            Pat Shotenski had the best annual, which was a cosmos, while June Chernoff had the best perennial. Vicky Koreluik had the best sweet pea and won the sweet pea aggregate award.

            Marie Hudye had the best mini rose, best hardy shrub rose and was named the winner of the rose best aggregate award.

            Lorraine Barabash received the award for best floral art and won the aggregate award in that category. In flower arranging, she won the award for the best exhibit and the category’s aggregate award.

            A bowl of raspberries gave Cindy Koreluik the best fruit award and she was named the fruit aggregate winner.

            A large outdoor pot called A Shady Retreat, won Cindy Koreluik the horticulture award.

            In the concoctions, creations and photographs category, Karen Pfeifer received the top award for her jelly, and the aggregate award, while Lorraine Barabash was recognized for the top creation and photograph.