Mayor acclaimed in 2020 race, welcomes new term

In the 2020 mayoral race in Kamsack, one candidate put her name forward, Nancy Brunt and in this year’s election the Kamsack Mayor was acclaimed. With one term on council and a second term as mayor, Brunt is looking forward to continuing to serve the Kamsack community.  

“There was so much more I could do,” says Brunt of her decision to run. “No one else was running and I thought it was important to have someone else in the job. I think taking care of your town is an important job. We should care about our town.”  

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Having built up over 12 years of service, Brunt is proud of the work she and her team have done including building the new swimming pool addition, trying to improve relationships with the First Nations community and working on the Tiny House project. 

‘In the last term, there were lots of different issues that had to be dealt with. Getting through it, there’s always maintenance and infrastructure issues to be handled,” says Brunt. “It’s not glamourous or exciting but it’s things that need to be taken care of.”

In this term Brunt is committed to continuing to work on the Kamsack downtown issues, getting the Tiny House project completed, pushing the provincial government to improve assistance with the addictions issues that community members are struggling with, making sure the community does keep the hospital in Kamsack as well as the schools, and looking for some kind of industry to bolster the town economy. She says that while she doesn’t know the new elected council members well, they are a variety of men and women of different ages, and she believes they will prove to be an interesting group and bring different perspectives to the table. 

“I was a little disappointed that we had to have a second call for councillors and I really appreciate the ones that let their names stand, it shows they have an interest in their community,” says Brunt of the election turnout. “I was disappointed that we didn’t get a full slate. It could be that they were happy with the previous council. I find that volunteerism has decreased in the past, a lot of people have trouble committing to four years and I understand that. I think people are very busy right now. I think there are lots of families that are two working parents and they don’t have time.”

Brunt is optimistic about the town’s strategic planning and building the municipal projects upwards over the next several months. 

“Thanks and congratulations to everybody who ran,” she says of the election. “Thanks to the community for all of the support that they show to their council and a big huge thanks to all of our town workers because they are the ones that keep the town running.”