Kamsack Town Council investing in security measures

Some recent break-in attempts at the town hall have alerted the Kamsack Town Council to invest in a number of security cameras and motion detector lighting. The issue was one of many discussed at a council meeting on February 22.

“Someone tried to break into the back door,” reported Nancy Brunt, mayor of Kamsack. “They didn’t manage to get inside, but it’s prompted us to add more lights to brighten up the lot in the back where our staff members park their vehicles and increase security efforts all around the building. We’ve had a number of incidents over the years, so hopefully these measures will help dissuade that behavior.”

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Also discussed at the meeting was council’s decision to put out a request for tenders from engineering firms regarding asset management for the Town of Kamsack.

“By order of the provincial government, assessments have to be done on things like roads, water, sewage systems, pipes, and buildings,” explained Brunt. “The selected company will examine Kamsack’s inventory and determine the lifespan of everything the town owns and operates. The findings will help council make better investment decisions regarding municipal infrastructure assets. For example, if it is determined that an asset is likely to break down within five years, council will be ready and equipped with a plan for replacement or modification efforts to coincide with that timing.”

The Town of Kamsack will be applying for a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), to offset a portion of the costs associated with asset management.

A decision has been made by the town council to close the Broda Sportsplex ice rink. Citing mechanical issues and maintenance needs, the closure comes about one month earlier than Kamsack has seen in previous years. Mayor Brunt reported that now that the complex is closed, it will be available to the Kamsack Hospital, if needed, to use as a vaccination site.

Kamsack’s OCC Hall has been rented for an entire year to the Saskatchewan Health Authority. The site will be used by the SHA to conduct COVID-19 testing.

Fire department agreements have been signed with the RM of Cote, Duck Mountain Provincial Park, the Village of Togo, and cabin owners at Madge Lake. These agreements outline that the Kamsack Fire Department agrees to respond automatically to all 911 emergency calls coming from any of the signed communities.

Additionally, a mutual aid agreement was recently signed between the Town of Kamsack and the Village of Rhein. This type of agreement outlines that each community is willing to respond with additional firefighters and equipment in the event of a larger scale emergency.

Town council has voted in favour of a request by parents of graduating students to hang banners displaying the Kamsack class of 2021 in the downtown core.