Kamsack retiree fires up creativity in home studio

Marilyn Lachambre has been a Kamsack resident since 1978. As a visionary, dreamer and business woman, she has been involved with numerous Kamsack initiatives over the years. Working alongside her husband, Ron, she has owned and operated a number of local area businesses, including the Kamsack Capitol Theatre and Sunset Drive-in, Kandy’s Dairy Corner, and Toro’s Restaurant. Taking a break from the pace of an entrepreneurial lifestyle, Lachambre worked at Kamsack’s Affinity Credit Union and did some seasonal work at the Riverside Golf Clubhouse.

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However, now in her semi-retirement years, the 66-year-old has experienced blossoming into a new kind of lifestyle – that of an artist. Lachambre has launched her latest business, MCL Creations, from her home studio in Kamsack.