Kamsack receives SGI funding for lighted crosswalks

Two solar-powered lighted crosswalk assemblies were placed on Queen Elizabeth Boulevard in Kamsack last week and quite likely a third assembly will soon be placed on Nykolaishen Drive.

One crosswalk was placed at the intersection of Queen Elizabeth Boulevard and Third Avenue South (main street), while the other was placed at the intersection of the Boulevard and East Avenue.

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The crosswalk at main street in front of the Town Hall is to assist pedestrians crossing the Boulevard at a high-traffic area, while the one at East Avenue will help as students from the north end of the community cross the Boulevard on their way to school, said Mayor Nancy Brunt.

Town council applied for funding under the SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) Provincial Traffic Safety Fund grant program two years ago, said Laura Lomenda, town administrator. In the spring council was notified that its application had been approved and the first two crosswalks were installed last week.

Because the layout of both crosswalks prevented the use of all the equipment provided, it is expected the extra equipment will be used for a third crosswalk with the Town having only to purchase the additional buttons that pedestrians push in order to have the crosswalk signs lighted.

The equipment for the solar powered crosswalks cost a total of $22,000, Lomenda explained, adding that it is up to the community to determine how long the crosswalk signs are lighted and currently it is for 30 seconds.

“We’ll be monitoring the crosswalks to determine if it is long enough,” she said. The Town’s public works personnel installed the equipment which includes 15-foot poles inserted in the ground.

The third crosswalk is expected to be placed at the bottom of main street to allow a safer crossing of Nykolaishen Drive from main street to the parking lot and Trackside Garden.