Kamsack RCMP designs coin reflecting the region

It began with a vision from Staff Sergeant Noel Allard of the Kamsack RCMP. A special coin was designed with input and collaboration from fellow RCMP members in Kamsack and surrounding areas. The coin, which is currently in production of the first two hundred units, features wheat, a flower, and feathers that surround a war ship.

 “The wheat represents farming, the flower represents gardening, and the three feathers – each with a different coloured tip, represent the three First Nations in the area,” explained Allard.

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“The centre of the coin displays the HMCS KAMSACK Flower-class corvette that served with the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War.”

“The flower is actually representing the provincial red lily, selected in 1941,” explained Allard. “The Garden of Saskatchewan on the bottom back of the coin represents the beauty surrounding the town of Kamsack. The community is the gateway to beautiful Duck Mountain Provincial Park. The strong Doukhobor, Russian and First Nations' culture and the many parks and gardens in the community make Kamsack the Garden of Saskatchewan and the 2009 winner of the provincial Communities in Bloom competition.”

In fact, this isn’t the first coin design project that Allard has initiated. While working at his previous post in northern Manitoba, Allard designed a coin to celebrate the spirit of that specific area. His chosen symbols for the Manitoba coin included a bear, a wolf, and an inuksuk made of stars.

These types of coins will not be available as currency, but rather given out ceremoniously to those who go above and beyond.

“The coins will be presented to citizens who have done something special for the community,” said Allard. “They will not be sold, as they will be reserved for special recognition purposes only.”