Kamsack Public Library seeks identification of vintage photos

There is a small room in the back of the Kamsack Public Library full of bins and boxes that carefully preserve some of Kamsack’s long lost history. Library board president, Betty Dix hopes there are people out there who may be able to help solve the mystery of those pictured in the hundreds of photographs that have found their way to the history room after many decades. The majority of the photographs have no names or dates.

“Sometimes when people pass away, relatives clear up their belongings and find stacks of gorgeous old photos they don’t know what to do with,” explained Dix. “They often end up here. We have quite a few charming photos of Kamsack residents going way back. It would be wonderful to find out who it is in these pictures. They may even be relatives of families who still live in the area.”

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Dix described one photo album, in particular, that looks like the photographs could have been taken between 1850 and 1900, according to the styles of clothing the people are wearing.

“Once we get the photos from that album digitally captured, we will share it over social media in hopes there is someone out there who can identify who the people are.”

The History Room at the Kamsack Public Library is not currently open to the public, but there are plans to someday allow people to make appointments to view some of the historical treasures inside. The library board currently relies on volunteers to organize and catalogue the irreplaceable historical pieces.

“It’s going to take some time and energy to get it all figured out,” said Dix.

Anyone who can identify the people or places from the vintage photographs displayed in the Kamsack Times would be encouraged to contact the Kamsack Public Library at (306) 542-3787.