Kamsack history book available on Internet

            All those sad souls still kicking themselves for not having purchased a copy of Spinning Stories: A Woven History when it was still available may now relax and access the community’s history book via the Internet.

            Former Kamsack resident Valarie Falkiner Albert, a daughter of the late Roy and Margaret Falkiner, has taken on and completed the task of uploading the entire 851 pages of the book on the Internet and it is now available for everyone with access to a computer to read.

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            “This very popular and highly-sought book has been long out of print,” Albert said of the book which was published in 1988.

            Albert, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, worked with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) in Salt Lake City. Among the interests of the Mormons is developing and retaining genealogical information.

            She said that K.M. (Mabel) Buceuk, the co-ordinator of the history book, had granted permission to allow the church to microfiche the book, making it available in reading rooms. Audrey Horkoff of Kamsack had obtained permission from town council to have the book scanned for easy Internet access.

            “I’m sure a reading will bring back a lot of memories,” Albert said.

            Persons wishing to access the book must go to the website: https://familysearch.org/catalog/search. They must then select “Search by titles,” and in the box supplied enter: Spinning Stories: A Woven History.

            Once the page loads, one needs only to click on “here” in the sentence which reads: To view a digital version of this item click here.”

            All 851 pages of the book, beginning with the front cover, will download.