Kamsack Election Has Three Candidates

The upcoming election will see three candidates running against one another for a seat on Kamsack council.

Kaye Bailey is running for Kamsack council.

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I moved to Kamsack in 2006 after too many years of city bustle and have enjoyed the pace and peace found here. My interests are genealogy, building dollhouses & miniatures, and working around my yard. I have worked for Parkland College as custodian for the last 10 years, and also at the Kamsack Hospital/Nursing Home during 5 of those years. It is important for the people to have a voice about who is on council. Kamsack has a lot to offer all ages and interests; and as more people move here they bring new ideas for activities, social programs, services and business. I believe in Shop Local and do 90% of my business in Kamsack. Virtually everything I need is available here and my dollars are staying in this community. I see the town moving forward in so many ways and I want to be part of that momentum. There have been many improvements to infrastructure since I moved here, but more are needed and some are underway. When these improvements are made it needs to be in a cost effective yet quality manner, be environmentally compatible and perhaps even in some cases become a revenue stream for Kamsack. I look forward to working with the other members of the Town Council and Mayor on the many projects and issues to keep Kamsack moving in a positive direction. I have the integrity and a desire to do their best for both community and residents. I talk with people from all walks of life; hear their views, wants and hopes and believe I am in tune with what the community needs are for Kamsack. I am an open-minded yet practical person, and believe the experience and knowledge I have gained through life will provide a solid base on which to serve our community. As a community leader, I will work for you.

Jodi Sas is also running for the open council position.

My name is Jodi Sas.  My two siblings and I were raised on a farm south of Norquay by our parents Ted and Jackie Krushkowski, who were born and raised in Kamsack. I attended Norquay school and later moved to Kamsack where I have lived for the past 13 years.  My husband Morgan helps run a long-time family business in Kamsack. We have 3 children Jade, Layla and Piper. For the past 13 years, I have been an employee of Affinity Credit Union. My most current role is a Personal Banker. My interests include woodworking, gardening, home renovations, fitness, and recreation activities.

I care about the Town of Kamsack and the people that live and visit here.  I recognize that wanting positive change will most effectively be achieved by being involved at a decision-making level.  I hope to be a good advocate for the residents of Kamsack by helping prioritize issues and services that are vital to the successful operations of the community.

Our close proximity to Duck Mountain, the Assiniboine River, Broda Sportsplex, and recreational spaces, including the golf course, pool and disc golf courses ensure there is lots to do for people of all ages.

I believe it is essential to focus on maintaining the services and infrastructure that are vital to community operations.  It is also important to ensure our water supply, waste disposal, streets and sidewalks are maintained while still being able to shift focus to ensure longevity of our community buildings like the OCC, Broda Sportsplex and Crowstand

My two highest priorities, in the short-term, if elected are maintenance and long-term, achievable improvement plans. I think the ideal qualities for a town council member to possess are being a strong listener with a voice to speak up about the important issues effecting the economical, cultural, and financial health of the community is important.  I also believe being realistic and level-headed about what is achievable is an important quality to possess.

I believe I am in-tune with the needs of the community, its strengths and weaknesses.  I am an honest person that wants the best for everyone that chooses to call Kamsack home.  I have lived and worked directly with the community of Kamsack for 13 years and in that time, I have developed many relationships that have helped me to gain insight into the issues that affect people. I feel I have the time and energy to help make positive changes in the community. 

If elected, I am the type of leader that people may approach with their ideas and feedback.  I will speak out about ideas that are brought to me and try my best to provide citizens with good information and answers to their questions.

Shelly Yasinski also put her name forward for the position.

My name is Shelly Yasinski and I have worked in Kamsack for 20 years and have resided here for 15 years. I am currently employed at Riverside Golf course as greens keeper, also I do water testing for AARP pipelines. I enjoy the outdoors, golfing and hanging out in my backyard with friends. The reason I decided to run for council is to make a difference in our community. The people here in Kamsack are so friendly and neighborly. As for an "Agenda" I have none only to serve with and open mind and mostly common sense. My presence on council would be a great asset because I've worked for the Town for over 15 years, first in the public works department, then later in the utilities department. In that time I have seen a lot of changes some good, some bad, so moving forward I would like to be a strong voice for the community. 

Thank you for your support.

The election saw five people acclaimed, Nancy Brunt-Mayor, Claire Bishop-Councillor, Shelly Filipchuk-Councillor, Darren Kitsch-Councillor, Lyle Romaniuk-Councillor, Bryce Erhardt-Councillor.