Kamsack branch of the Royal Canadian Legion holds installation of officers ceremony

The annual installation of officers ceremony was held on January 14 at the Kamsack branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

After a banquet supper, the ceremony began with the installation of Robert Boudreau as sergeant-at-arms by Judy Green.

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For each subsequent swearing-in, Boudreau announced the newly-elected member and he or she repeated the oath of office.

Sharon Rudy was installed as first vice-president; Karen Tourangeau, second vice-president; Bob Stoyand, secretary/treasurer; Gord Craig, service officer; trustees, Milena Hollett, Jamie Green and Judy Green, and executive at large, Audrey Girling, Jean Woodward and Carole Stoyand. Stephen Ruten is the chaplain.

Jim Woodward was installed as Legion president by Sharon Rudy.

Woodward, acting emcee, presented his “state of the Legion” address, in which he said the Legion will be recognizing the Kamsack RCMP in honour of its 100th anniversary, adding that many members have taken advantage of their entitled free year membership and the Legion was hoping to see many more.

“I am honoured to have another great executive,” Woodward said. “Our membership is very special, and we stress there is a need to encourage younger members to join and participate in the day-to-day operations. We need active members.

“Our mandate for this year remains to raise funds for a badly-needed elevator for the members who struggle to climb the stairs, and for those who simply cannot navigate the stairs anymore.

“The Legion hosts TGIF every Friday starting at 7 p.m. and encourage everyone to take advantage of it. We have added a bar on the main floor in order to inspire more people out to our functions. Bingo remains our main source of money, and it helps keep the door open, but with this we need more help; the same people can’t always be expected to do all the work.

“On May 21 we will be presenting another entertainer, Brenda Lee Cottrell, featuring The Memorable Music of the Legendary Ladies. Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment of missing the show.

“We are planning to offer a Soup and Sandwich event every third Wednesday from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. as another community outing.

“I believe we have made some positive headway, and I thank everyone who has stepped up to make things better. Let’s have another fantastic year,” Woodward said.

Calling on Cst. Ellen Ruf and Cpl. Trevor Pieterse of the Kamsack RCMP, Woodward presented them with a framed token of appreciation in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the RCMP.

“Kamsack detachment has been quite diversified for all these years,” He said. “There were many challenging experiences, and the RCMP had several different offices over time, one being a large house on Windsor Avenue. There was a barn in the back for the horses and a parlour area housed a metal cage as a jail.

“In 1932 the new Federal Building was opened on Main Street, housing both the RCMP and Post Office. Eventually, the RCMP moved into the Town Office building, and in 1960 moved into its own building.

“The RCMP have been active with the Legion over many of these years, where the members’ red serge had made a striking addition to many parades. For this we are very grateful, and proud to be one of the first to show our appreciation,” Woodward concluded.