Final concert concludes Parkland Music Festival

            The talents of students from across the area were showcased in piano, vocal, speech arts, band and solo instrumentals during the week-long Parkland Music Festival held between the communities of Preeceville and Sturgis from March 26 to April 2.

The festival concluded with a concert that featured 19 performers at the Preeceville Trinity United Church on April 2.

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            Hein Bertram was the master of ceremonies for the afternoon program. Anna Russell, president of the festival, welcomed everyone to the final concert. Russell acknowledged all the many volunteers who put in tireless hours in making the festival a huge success.

"There are many volunteer hours that go into making this festival," she said. This is an important event for the arts in our communities and a most pleasurable afternoon.”

            Scholarships were also presented.

The Preeceville School Kindergarten class was first on the program as the students recited two poems, Bug and Toes in my Nose.

Ivan Fidek of Invermay performed a piano solo to Nefertiti Blues.

Ashlyn Olson of Norquay gave solo performance on the piano to Mist.

Elizabeth Ivanochko of Preeceville recited the poem, When I was a Baby.

Trenley Nelson of Preeceville played one piano selection to Pony Express.

Kyler Kitsch of Kamsack gave a trumpet instrumental to Russian  Hymn.

Irena Yannoulis of Canora gave a theatrical musical performance to Ed, The Invisible Dragon.

Melody Michl of Canora played a piano solo to Cat and Mouse.

Elisabeth Ashley of Kamsack gave a vocal performance to Stone Cold.

Faith Fidek of Invermay played a piano solo to Fur Elise.

Matthew Korney of Preeceville performed a flute instrumental to Minuet in G.

Jhett, Cayden and Natalie Kelly of Canora played a triot piano performance to Tick Tock Trio.

Heidi Mentanko of Canora performed a musical theatre solo to The Girl I Mean to Be.

Maggie Bartel of Preeceville played a piano solo to The Silver Skates.

Rhianna Olson, Peyton Secundiak and Shanae Olson, all of Sturgis, performed an musical instrumental to Dance.

Kiera Balyski of Preeceville performed a musical piano solo to In My Dreams.

Kennedy Kosheluk treated the audience to a classic piece on piano to November.

The last number featured  students from the Sturgis Composite High School in a bucket drum performance to Bucket Group Grooves.

            Numerous scholarship recipients were presented with awards. The Preeceville School Kindergarten class and the Preeceville School Grade 5 class each received the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan Award.

            The Preeceville School Grade 3 class received the Preeceville School scholarship.

            Ivan Fidek of Invermay received the Crossroads Credit Union scholarship.

            Payton Hudye and Erika Sweeney, both of Canora, each received the 88 Keys Music Studio vocal scholarships.

            Kade Wishnevetski and Curtis McGriskin, both of Kamsack, each received the 88 Keys Music Studio instrumental scholarship for a brass duet.

            Ashlyn Olson of Norquay received the Lil's Fashions-sponsored scholarship.

            Peter Michl of Canora received the Paul's Drugs sponsored scholarship.

            Primary medals were presented to Elizabeth Ivanochko and Floyd Pinaroc, both of Preeceville, Natalie Kelly of Canora, Nathaniel Ogden of Invermay and Ashlyn Olson of Norquay.

            Trenley Nelson of Preeceville, Melody Lin of Kamsack, Summer Johnson of Hyas and Ira Mykytyshyn of Canora each received the Preeceville and District Ministerial Association piano scholarship.

            Hannah Kidder of Preeceville received the St. Patrick's Catholic Women's League, Sturgis branch scholarship for her saxophone performance.

            Kyler Kitsch of Kamsack received a Sturgis Kinsmen scholarship.

            Cassandra Danyluk of Canora received the Trinity United Church scholarship and the Ivanochko Family scholarship.

            Methyl Trask of Canora received the Formo's Service and Sales scholarship.

            Irena Yannoulis of Canora received the Ivanochko Family Musical scholarship.

            Reese and Tessa Reine, both of Hyas, each received the Beti Sigma Phi scholarship.

            Melody Michl of Canora received the Terry Dennis MLA's scholarship.

            The adjudicators awarded several junior and intermediate performers with medals for promising musicality. Aaron and Abigail Ogden, both of Invermay, received the adjudicators medals for  piano. Hannah Sevilla and Payton Hudye, both of Canora, each received medals for band.

            Elisabeth Ashley of Kamsack received the adjudicators’ scholarship, the KevRhon Transport and St. John Lutheran Women's scholarships.

            Ariana Kapitoler of Canora received the Hiawatha Chapter Kamsack Eastern Star Scholarship.

            Aeowyn Kapitoler of Canora received the Mayor Garth Harris Scholarship.

            Faith Fidek of Invermay received the Anne Pollock Memorial Scholarship and the Preeceville Shop Easy scholarship.

            Jordan Makowsky of Canora received the Parkland Music Festival Association Scholarship for piano performance by a Saskatchewan composer.

            Matthew Korney of Preeceville received the St. Patrick's CWL, Preeceville Council Scholarship.

            Isaiah Maier of Preeceville received the Sturgis Composite High School Scholarship.

            Jhett and Cayden Kelly, both of Canora, each received an 88 Keys Music Studio Scholarship for piano. Natalia Kelly of Canora was presented with the Ron and Jeannette Jaques Piano Scholarship.

            Heidi Mentanko of Canora was presented with the vocal adjudicator's medal.

            Shelly Minato donated two piano bracelets for awards of recognition. Willow Davis of Kamsack and Emmanuelle Ogden of Invermay were the recipients of the bracelets.

            Maggie Bartel of Preeceville and Lucas Latham of Canora each received the Jakubowski Enterprises scholarship for piano.

            The ensemble of Rhianna Olson, Peyton Secundiak and Shanae Olson, all of Sturgis, was awarded the Whitehawks Arts Council Scholarship for an instrumental section on flute, clarinet and saxophone.

            Liam Trask and Erika Sweeney, both of Canora, were presented with the Preeceville Lioness Scholarship.

            Sabrina Moshenko of Canora was presented with the Gateway Co-op Scholarship for a vocal performance.

            Jordyn Thomas and IIyana Carpenter-Bloudoff, both of Kamasck, were awarded the Timberline Band Parents Association Scholarship for their woodwind duet. Jillian Newton of Preeceville was also presented the same award for her flute solo.

            Kiera Balyski of Preeceville received the Preeceville Funeral Services Scholarship.

            Emily Prestie was presented with the Peet Law Firm Scholarship.

            Kennedy Kosheluk has been accepted into the University of Saskatchewan's Performance Honours Degree Program and the piano adjudicator recommended Kosheluk to the provincial competition in three separate classes. In addition, she has been awarded the Sasktel scholarship and the Endeavour and District Community Club scholarship.