Elections held across the region

At the RM of St Phillips the reeve and one of the two councillors whose terms were up are being opposed. For Reeve, Gillis Como and Mike Kalinowsky have put their names forward. In Division five, Bernie Miosuk was elected by acclamation. In Division three, Larry Miosuk and Brian Federation have put their names forward. The regular polling day is Monday November 9 and the advanced polls are for 9 a.m. to noon on October 31 at the hall.  

At the RM of Cote, the reeve and two of the three councillors whose terms were up are being opposed. James Tomochko, the reeve for ten years, is being opposed by former councillor Kim Pennell. In Division one, the incumbent Ralph Hilderman is being opposed by Amanda Burback. In Division three, Craig Salahub is in by acclamation. In Division five, Greg Becenko and Doug Lapitsky will be in an election. Advance Polls will be on October 31 at the municipal office.

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Livingston will be having an election for reeve between incumbent Linda Bourque and Vonna Ball. Division one is acclaimed by incumbent Mike Kalinowsky. Division three is an election between incumbent Judy Anderson and Keith Lukey. Advance Polls will be October 31, at the RM office in Arran from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. and the polling station will also be at the municipal office on November 9.

The members of the Village of Pelly council will be determined at the polls. At the closing of nominations there were two people who were nominated as mayor and six people who were nominated as councillors. They will go to the polls to determine which will be mayor and which will have been declared elected. The candidates for mayor are Trevor Auchstaetter and Mary-Jean Vogel. There are eight candidates for four councillors: Eric Krochak, Megan Scott, Robert Dercach, Michael McGrath, Dorothy Loraine Lenaghan, Richard Steve Lenaghan, John Llewellyn and Kevin Krotenko. The regular polling day is Monday November 9 and the advanced polls are for 9 a.m. to noon on October 31 at the hall.   

The nomination results for the Village of Togo resulted in two acclaimed positions and a second call for nominations for the remaining councillor seat. The Togo Mayor is Loretta Erhardt, the position was acclaimed as she ran unopposed. The first councillor position was filled by Al Andrews, he ran unopposed. A Notice of Further Call for Nominations has been posted to fill the remaining Councillor seat. Nominations close Wednesday, October 21.

For the Kamsack election, the town received one nomination for mayor and five nominations for council and all members were acclaimed into their positions by the initial nomination deadline. A call for further nominations to fill the last seat of council was made with the nomination day  set for October 21. 2020 . If no nominations are received, the town will proceed with five councillors and mayor and will have to call a by-election within 6 months.

One nomination for mayor and five nominations for councillor were received. The following individuals were elected by acclamation:

              Mayor, Town of Kamsack – Nancy Brunt

              Councillor, Town of Kamsack – Claire Bishop

              Councillor, Town of Kamsack – Bryce Erhardt

              Councillor, Town of Kamsack – Lyle Romaniuk

              Councillor, Town of Kamsack – Darren Kitsch

              Councillor, Town of Kamsack – Shelley Filipchuk


All of the Town of Arran positions were acclaimed. Brenda Holtcamp is mayor of Arran and she is incumbent. Delbert Hoffman is an incumbent and he was acclaimed. Chase Bourque is newly elected councillor. 

The town of Norquay has two candidates running for mayor, Don Tower is the incumbent and Laura Dahl is the previous councilor. There are six positions for council and eight names were put forward. The incumbents are Richard Dahlin, Ken Paluck, Ken Newell and Loretta Perrick. The four names put forward were Darin Janzen, Jason Lukey, Linda Kreklewetzand Kevin Ebert. Advance polling is occurring on October 31 at the town office.

Voters are reminded to remember to bring ID in order to cast their ballots.

Excerpt from The Local Government Elections Act:

Evidence of identity

110 A voter shall:

(a) provide to the deputy returning officer and the poll clerk one of the

following to prove his or her identity:

(i) one piece of identification issued by the Government of Canada, the

Government of Saskatchewan, a municipality or a government agency

that contains a photograph of the voter and his or her name and address;

(ii) two pieces of information prescribed in the regulations, each of

which establishes the voter’s name and at least one of which establishes the voter’s address; or

(b) establish his or her identity in accordance with the procedures prescribed in the regulations.