Donations roll in for new Norquay School playground

The Norquay School playground committee has been working hard with the school and the community to raise money for a new playground structure.

According to Amanda Holinaty, president of the Norquay School Playground Committee, the current playground structure needs to be removed and replaced. The task is a sizeable one, and the costs are estimated to be around $125,000. 

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“This is a big goal for a small community, but we’ve had a lot of continued support from everyone in our area,” reported Holinaty.

The playground committee has launched multiple fundraisers to help reach their goal. Some fundraising initiatives have included a Princess and Superhero Ball, a Toque Sale with a partnership from a local boutique, and a Sysco Food Sale. 

“On April 28, we will be hosting a perogy supper take-out night. People could order meals by April 21 and pick them up on the following Wednesday, April 28.”

For more information about the perogy supper, residents are invited to call Amanda Holinaty at (306) 594-7233.

“Our committee has been working very hard to raise money for two years now. In addition to local fundraising efforts, we have applied for a number of grants. We are so grateful for the support that has come from the Affinity Credit Union, Richardson Pioneer, the Norquay Student Representatives Council, and the Norquay Playschool. The committee is aiming to have all of the required funds in place to be able to purchase the new structure and install it for the summer of 2022,” shared Holinaty.