Kamsack Victims Services helping to create awareness

September was Suicide Prevention Month and presentations were given at the Kamsack, Cote and Keeseekoose high schools, along with one in the community.

“The focus is to help with keeping the awareness of suicide and how we can all help,” said Shannon Broda-Vanin, assistant coordinator with Kamsack Victims Services, in a release. “Let’s not let the topic of suicide be thrown under the rug; it is a daily struggle for some people and if they know that they can talk to someone without being stigmatized, then there is hope.”

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October 1 to 7 was Mental Illness Awareness Week. “This invisible disease is treatable; let’s fight the stigma attached to this disease and provide support for those who need it with no questions asked,” she said.

“We have some important causes coming up in November. An important day to mark on your calendar is November 20. This is National Child Day. 

“Canada made a commitment to ensure that all children are treated with dignity and respect.  This includes the opportunity for children to have a voice, be protected from harm and have every opportunity to reach their full potential,” she said in the release.

November 25 is the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women. 

“A staggering one in three women have experienced some type of violence in their lifetime.  There is no cure, we need to raise awareness so that we can start to create a future in which ‘every person is treated with respect and dignity,’” said Vanin-Broda.