Kamsack Power House Museum updates community on upcoming season

Kamsack Power House Museum “Welcomes spring,” and is looking forward to another expected busy summer.  

“First, we must thank once more, our community and our great volunteers who support us with every project and event we undertake,” said Lydia Cherkas, Museum board president, in a release. “The Museum could not continue to host successful events without these community minded people.”

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During this time of COVID-19, the Kamsack Power House Museum board volunteers have been busy planning the upcoming season. Although the museum will not be able to open on the usual May Long Weekend, there is still much work to be done, she said.

“All our events have been put on hold, and as the summer progresses we will make further decisions and will update our community.”

Cherkas indicated that the Museum Planning Committee annually identifies projects that need to be accomplished, and then prioritized as to which ones will be completed each year.

“With that in mind, we have several projects that we will work on this year, of course with the help of our great volunteers, and with adherence to COVID-19 guidelines put in place by the provincial and federal government organizations.

“We are excited with one project we would like to undertake, which is the gathering and compiling of community resident experiences with the COVID-19,” she continued. “We asking all residents, from five years of age to 95 plus, how COVID-19 has affected your daily/weekly routine, you, your family, your job, your livelihood. We are asking you to keep a journal/diary/notes and photos in point form. 

“You can be anonymous or give us your name and age and we will then compile all submissions into a 2020 pandemic memory book to be kept at the museum for further historical information for generations after this has passed. It would be made available for all to peruse,” Cherkas concluded.

Please mail your information to Kamsack Power House Museum, Box 991, Kamsack, SK S0A 1S0, or email to dnownow@sasktel.net, (Darlene Brown, Museum treasurer).