Kamsack Disc Golf Course gets facelift and will be part of a challenge circuit

Kamsack’s nine-hole Disc Golf Course was ready for use in mid-July of last year, created by public works staff with funds from Kev Sumner’s recreation budget.

At the time, Sumner said the course was a temporary facility which used painted metal tanks as the “hole” at the end of each leg.

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Plans were to obtain the correct “hole” which is a device which resembles an inverted Christmas tree, he said, and recently the new baskets were installed by public works staff.

“It’s fun, free and a great excuse for getting off the couch,” Sumner said, encouraging residents to tryout the course.

Disc golf is similar to golf, but using discs rather than clubs, he said. “It’s a fun sport that keeps you active and outside, plus it’s inexpensive to get into.”

A major new disc golf event is being launched in the parkland region this summer.

The Yorkton Co-op Challenge Cup is being launched in conjunction with the Parkland Association of Disc Golf (PADG) Tournament Series.

The Co-op Challenge Cup (CCC) is an event where players will accumulate points for three specified events over the summer, said a release from the Parkland Disc Golf Association.

The first event will be the Grain Millers Trilogy Challenge at Yorkton August 26, followed by the Yorkton Co-op Fling on September 2 at Whitesand Regional Park, with the trilogy of events winding up with the Sas-Kam Cup in Kamsack on September 16.

“This is going to be a great new event for disc golfers in the PADG region and beyond,” said Calvin Daniels PADG president. “This event is going to highlight three great courses, and create a lot of new interest in the sport.”

Daniels said it is great to see events at the Whitesand and Kamsack courses.

“It will be the inaugural tournaments at both courses,” he said.

“Whitesand is a long course, and great to play as it is laid out on the regional park’s sand greens ball golf course. It will really let big arms rip some drives, but watch out for the wind.

“And Kamsack is so new the baskets just went in this month. They are Prodigy baskets, the first from the company in the PADG, and likely in Saskatchewan so that should entice a lot of players to take part.”

Jared Ruf, a Councillor with the Town of Kamsack said being part of the Co-op Challenge Cup is a great way to introduce the new course which was created in large part by the efforts of the recently created Kamsack Recreation Board.

“We’re really excited about having the course in town, and thanks to the support of Sas-Kam Sports we were going to host a tournament, and having it part of this Challenge Cup just adds profile and hopefully brings out even more golfers,” he said.

Don Thompson, chairman of Whitesand Regional Park Board was also excited by the new ‘mini tour.

“This is a really exciting time for the Whitesand Disc Golf Course,” he said. “It will be the first tournament held on our course and having the Co-op on board as a sponsor will assist us in promoting our course to disc golfers throughout the area.”

As for the Yorkton Co-op taking part, it was simply a good fit.

“It’s obvious from the number of new courses in the region disc golf is growing,” said Yorkton Co-op general manager Bruce Thurston. “We welcomed the opportunity to support that growth, and when the Co-op Challenge Cup was suggested featuring courses in communities where we already have a presence, it was a natural.

“We really hope the Cup will entice disc golfers to take in all three events to accumulate points and win some great prizes.”

The details of how the CCC will work in terms of accumulating points are still to be worked out.

“Basically players will accumulate points based on how they finish at the three events,” said Trevor Lyons, tournament chair with the PADG. “The details of the point system are still being finalized, but the idea is, do well at the three events and you should be in contention for CCC prizes.”

The CCC prizes will be handed out at the end of the third event in the series.

Lyons said while accumulating points toward the CCC, players will also compete for prizes at the individual events, and top finishers will advance to our year end event.

On the men’s side it is the Farrell Agencies Championship Challenge in October where the winner walks away with a one of a kind jacket and their name on a huge trophy sponsored by the Yorkton Lions.

The ladies are headed to the Living Skies Championship Challenge with their own jacket to pursue, the release said.