Kamsack Community Choir presents Gotta Travel On

During a concert at the Westminster Memorial United Church on June 24 the Kamsack Community Choir sang songs that evoked images of travelling on a musical journey.

The concert was titled Gotta Travel On, and the songs portrayed “places we all dream about”, including Homeward Bound and Fly Me to the Moon.

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“It seems like nowadays people travel a lot more than they used to,” said Scott Sears, emcee for the evening performance. “In fact, people are travelling so much that they had to come up with the word “staycation” to describe what it’s like to stay home. Music is full of travelling songs. So tonight we are going to take you on a musical journey that will be as much about the journey as it is about the destination.”

“Our first song is about getting the travel bug. Some people just can’t stay in one place too long and they “gotta travel on.’ And so our journey starts,” he said, and the choir sang the tune Gotta Travel On.

“This summer, one-third of the nation will be ill-housed, ill-fed and ill-clothed, only they call it vacation. One man who was well-travelled said that he had diarrhea in 40 countries. Another stated that if you look like your passport photo you had better stay home. You are too ill to travel. Something that doesn’t stay in one place too long is a tumbleweed. I think just about everyone has seen a tumbleweed in real life or the movies. They tend to occur more in dry, flat environments. They are drifters, just like the next couple of cowboys who are going to describe their journey as they sing Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds.” John Adamyk and Bruno Lemire held the spotlight for this song.

“As each new day of our vacation dawns, we see the opportunity to discover new places. We don’t have a care in the world and we just want to enjoy the day before us,” Sears said as he introduced the choir who sang Ridin’ the Sun.

“Hot destinations; something we all dream about, especially when it starts to turn cold outside. Our next group is dreaming of all the fun, surfing, and romance they can find in California,” said Sears as he introduced a quartet of Susan Bear, Dieneke Spronk, Lois Matton and Kathy Galye who sang a California Dreamin’ medley.

“If you happen to be single on your vacation, you just might be lucky enough to find someone there who you are attracted to and wonder how you can get them to notice you. You just might find your Stranger in Paradise.” The entire choir then sang that song.

“We are leaving California now but the memories we have will last forever, especially one place,” he said and introduced the quartet of Dieneke Spronk, Susan Bear, Lois Matton and John Adamyk who sang I Left My Heart in San Francisco.

“We are leaving the ocean now and heading toward the mountains. But we have a car full of restless kids. We need to keep them occupied so we are going to sing some campfire songs. Okay kids, are you ready?” The choir then sang I Love the Mountains, a multi-layered, rollicking, “fun-filled song.”

“Well we are in the mountains now, with their breathtaking views and pristine environments. It feels like we are on Top Of the World,” said Sears. A quartet of Dieneke Spronk, Lois Matton, Kathy Galye and John Adamyk sang that song.

An intermission allowed concert-goers time to stretch their limbs and enjoy refreshments which included trays of dainties.

After intermission, Matton thanked choir director Susan Bear as well as Deb Cottenie and Wendy Becenko for their accompaniment on piano, saying “the choir could not do it without the three of you.” Each was presented with a large potted patio plant.

“It is wonderful to have spent so much time so close to nature but I think I feel the need to head to the city now. How aboutDowntown New York?” The entire choir sang the song.

To slow the pace, the trio of Dieneke Spronk, Susan Bear and Kathy Galye sang The 59th Street Bridge Song and wore some “groovy” accessories. Next the choir took the audience down the Long And Winding Road.

“River cruises are very popular these days. Our river cruise is going to be aboard Proud Mary,” and a quintet of Susan Bear, Dieneke Spronk, Lois Matton, Kathy Galye and John Adamyk performed that song.

“Wow, what a vacation! I’m exhausted. I think maybe it’s time to head back. Haven’t you ever said ‘I could sure use a rest after my holiday.’ Well then it’s time to be Homeward Bound  to relax a little,” said Sears, and the choir took it away. Then a trio of Susan Bear, Lois Matton and Kathy Galye sang Welcome Back, and the choir closed the concert with Fly Me to the Moon.

An encore of You’ll Never Walk Alone was sung by the choir.

“We had an awesome time getting this concert together this spring,” said Bear. “It’s been a lot of fun.”