Kamsack artist’s work being exhibited at Yorkton art gallery

A Kamsack artist has five pieces of her work included in the Landscape and Memory exhibit at the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery in Yorkton this month.

The exhibit includes 175 pieces, said Kelly Litzenberger, the Gallery manager. Each artist was limited to five pieces.

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Kondratoff said two of her pieces are “studies,” while the other three are paintings that were created in response to recent deaths of people close to her. All five pieces were done with acrylic paint using a pour painting technique which is a method of mixing acrylic with a thinner so that “it moves more on a canvas.”

Study of a Jellyfish is a piece that uses pour painting that develops the ocean undersea look, while the Study of a Ballerina uses the pour painting method to produce the look of lace, she said. The picture of the feather is called Angel Blessings, while the painting of the poplar trees is called There’ll Be Peace in the Valley, while the oceanscape picture is called Solace and Turbulence, which has a soft, quiet background and an angry sea.

Each spring Godfrey Dean Art Gallery sends out the call to everyone in the region asking residents to bring art to the gallery, said information from Godfrey Dean. “From the entries we create the Landscape and Memory exhibition, featuring local artists of all ages from Roblin and Russell in Manitoba west to Wynyard, and from Esterhazy up to Preeceville.

Landscape and Memory is a celebration of community creativity, the information said. Artists and makers of all skill levels, ages and experience take part, and this year once again includes proud and enthusiastic school children, great-grandmothers and grandfathers, teenagers, youth and adults. It truly is an all-ages showcase.

Many of the pieces on display are available for sale, it said. “This is a great opportunity to pick up some new artwork for your home, or get that special gift for someone to remember our beautiful prairie landscape.”

Along with beautiful fabric pieces, some impressive fine craft, and very attractive photography, painting and drawing remain as popular as ever. Large and colourful, small and detailed, bold graphics or subtle shading, the care and the love that everyone puts into their creations is vividly apparent.

June is the ideal time for visiting school tour groups to see a wide variety of art, it said. “We have a scavenger hunt to seek out and identify the details of the exhibition, making a gallery visit fun and engaging for the whole family.

“Be sure to ask for a form and some pencils, and get ready to discover how many birds, fairies and unicorns you can find!”

Godfrey Dean Art Gallery is open 11a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. It is located at 49 Smith Street East in Yorkton. The website is at: www.deangallery.ca. Landscape and Memory in on display until June 28. Admission is always free.