Junior drama brings Robin Hood with a twist to KCI stage

A humorous twist to the well-told story of Robin Hood was brought to life on stage at the Kamsack Comprehensive Institute (KCI) last week.

The junior drama production of The Very Unmerry Adventures of Robin Hood, a one-act, three-scene comedy by Patrick Greene and Jason Pizzarello, was brought to the stage by a cast of 26 actors, with a crew of 15 who worked behind the scenes.

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Aimee Sipple (teacher) was the play’s director. A dress rehearsal, with the cast in full costume, was held on the afternoon of May 14, while the production was staged on that evening in the large gymnasium.

The well-known names of the characters of Robin Hood, Little John, Marion, the Sherriff of Nottingham, Friar Tuck and King Richard, were all part of the cast, but that’s where most of the similarities ended.

The fast-paced plot had Robin Hood slightly frustrated after his prowess with his bow and arrow did not achieve his desire to maintain control of Sherwood Forrest, and, instead, the Sherriff of Nottingham insisted a “talent contest” be held to decide its fate.

The famed poet, “Billy Shakespeare” (William Shakespeare) entered on cue, but had the audience laughing when his “cell-phone” began to ring.

The lovely Marion wanted nothing more than to make Robin Hood her husband, regardless of whether he won or lost Sherwood Forest.

The character of the Announcer spoke to a “fish” during the play, adding even more laughs to the comedic plot.

The cast of characters were: Robin Hood, Zac Burback; Little John, Brady Hilton; Merry Man 1, Max Stone; Merry Man 2, Finley Hudye; Marion, Seraphim Strauss; Helga, Shilo Blackwood-Eliuk; Will Scarlet, Tara Taylor; Sherriff of Nottingham, Josh Hilton; Friar Tuck, Parker Lorenzo; Poor Girls, Jada Baarts-Mason and Serenity Friday; Poor Women, Jhana Sapinoso and Alexis Grieve; Sherriff’s Contestant, Roselie Smith; Soldiers, Jacob Burback, Gabby Schneider, Timothy Holoboff and Blayd Henry-Martino; Maid 1, Ella Ruf; Maid 2, Macy Martinuik; Billy Shakespeare, Curtis Berezowski; King Richard, Billy Jean Schneider; Announcer, Boston Guillet, and Townspeople, Diamond Machiskinic, Takara Maciborski and Meesha Romaniuk.

Rounding out the production for the crew, were: costumes, Boston Guillet; lights, Aiden Stone; crew, Will Zarchikoff; behind the scenes crew, Dionysus Shingoose, Serenity Friday, Jackson Gareau, Rosalyn Airriess, Trinity Stout, Takara Maciborski, Alexis Grieve, Meesha Romaniuk, Jhana Sapinoso, Taylen Keshane, Aiden Rodgers and Haven Tourangeau and door, Haven Krawetz.

The junior drama club would like to acknowledge all those who helped make this production possible, including: Aimee Sipple, director; Tracy Forsythe, principal; Ryan Gareau, Rayne Townsend, Joanne Schwartz, Shea Chanin, Brian Angeloni, Tracey Fedorchuk and Darren Kitsch, teachers; Barb Tetoff, library technician, and all the parents.