Funds being raised to mark site of Poplar Point School

The Poplar Point Community Center organization is once again busy fundraising to raise money to clean up the Poplar Point School site and to purchase and erect a sign where the school once stood.

Readers of the Kamsack Times may remember that the Poplar Point Community Center organization began fundraising last year to beautify the original site of the Poplar Point School which was located on Highway No. 357 about 3.5 miles east, off Highway No. 8, the information from the committee said.

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The committee was formed in 2017 with its goal being to have a cairn or large sign erected on the original site, a spot many would remember, it said.

Committee members will be selling 50/50 draw tickets at the Kamsack Co-op grocery store on February 22 and March 1. Tickets are also being sold at Bucks Dollar Store, Laura’s Hair Salon and the Family Pharmacy, as well as any committee member.

The tickets cost $5 each and a draw is to be made at the RM of Cote meeting on March 6, said information from the committee. “All of our proceeds will go toward the sign.”

Last year’s winner of $810 was Joyce McLean, the information said.

The committee would like to acknowledge everyone for supporting its cause, and for the generous donations from residents, former residents and former students of the school.

“We have sent out letters to former students and residents asking for donations,” it said.

There will be an upcoming raffle draw of various items which will be made at the RM of Cote’s June meeting. Ticket sales for this raffle will commence later in the spring.

Poplar Point School was opened in the spring of 1908, but then a new building was built and opened in 1954, when there were 38 students attending, the information said. The school was in operation until it closed in 1966 with only seven students enrolled.

When the school was still in operation it was used for many functions other than as a classroom. It was used for political meetings, as a voting poll, for meetings of the Farmer’s Union and for card parties, picnics, concerts, dances and church services.

After the school closed, the community formed a committee to keep the school in use. There were many bridal showers, stags and meetings held. It was well known for its Boxing Day dances in the late 1960s and 70s.

The committee decided to have a reunion in 1995, which was a great success, reuniting many friends and family members.

But, the use of the school started to decrease. The wildlife was starting to damage the building and the fear of a fire destroying it motivated the community to decide to ask the Kamsack Power House Museum if it would accept the building as a donation.

It was accepted and on August 7, 2009, the former school building was moved by Phil Mydonick Moving to the museum grounds in Kamsack. A grand opening of the school was held on June 12, 2012.