Family members shave heads in support of loved one battling cancer

A family got together on August 31 to shave their heads in support of a loved one who is battling cancer.

The group raised $3,165 in donations and pledges in support of Katherine (Munroe) Swanson, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

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Originally the group was to stage the event at the Keeseekoose First Nation Hall, but had to move it to Pelly due to unforeseen circumstances.

“We didn’t quite reach our goal of $5,000, so we will continue to accept donations until we do,” said Georgeanne Genaille, one of the organizers, and Swanson’s niece, who had her head shaved.

In total 18 family members had their heads shaved in support of Swanson, although not everyone was able to attend the event, said Genaille.

“As promised, the event was broadcast live on Facebook and it has now been uploaded to YouTube under the title Family Shaves Heads to Support Breast Cancer.”

Genaille wished to acknowledge Katie Munroe from Tommyguns in Saskatoon for shaving all the family members’ heads.

“We appreciate Vanessa Genaille for donating pink T-shirts and bandannas, Farrah Raabel for working in the kitchen, Alvin Jerome and Verna and James Chartrand for playing music and everyone who bought food and drinks.

“We are most grateful for everyone who donated or pledged money for this cause,” Genaille said.