Calvin Straightnose elected Keeseekoose chief

            Calvin Straightnose was elected chief of Keeseekoose First Nation following polling on November 25.

            Straightnose obtained 239 votes, according to the statement of results from Loretta J. Pete Lambert, the returning officer.

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            He succeeds Lyndon Musqua, who was unsuccessful in his bid for a councillor’s seat.

            Unsuccessful candidates for chief were: Fred (Big Fred) Quewezance, 161 votes; Alvin (Strangler) Quewezance, 129; Darlene (Quewezance) Masney, 64, and Mary (Loewen) Wadham, five.

            Of the 37 persons seeking one of the 12 seats on council, Alvin Musqua Jr. topped the polls with 289 votes. He was one of the four incumbent councillors to have been re-elected. The other three are: Alvin Musqua Sr., Gerald Keshane and Kevin Musqua.

            The 11 other successful nominees were: Gerald H. (Lil Guy) Keshane, 232; Cuthbert Keshane, 229; Beverly (Mrs. Lil Guy) Keshane, 227; Alvin (Lil-Man) Sr. Musqua, 217; Jeremy Southwind, 216; Leonard R. (Boogie) Keshane, 211; Kevin Musqua, 210; Norman Jr. Quewezance, 203; Robert (Son) Louis Stevenson, 200; Mark Whitehawk, 197, and Ralph Keshane, 196.

            The unsuccessful candidates and their vote totals are as follows: Nelson Beauchamp, 121; Joseph Durocher, 55; Brian Kakakaway, 106; Sarah F. Kakakaway, 88; Daniel (Lindsay) Keshane, 169; Darwin (Sam) Keshane, 92; Jason (8-Ball) Keshane, 145; Lorenz Keshane, 147; Mary Elsie Keshane, 164; Matthew J. Keshane Sr., 60; William H. Keshane, 160; Ricky Kitchemonia, 138; Gina Musgrave, 146; David (Super Dave) Musqua, 152; Lyndon Musqua, 163; Basil J. Quewezance, 82; David Earl Quewezance, 64; George Quewezance, 173; Lane Shingoose, 190; Calvin Stevenson, 126; Fletcher Stevenson, 99; Jessi Stevenson, 102; Gerald Straightnose, 71; Janice K. Straightnose, 157, and Leslie K. Strongquill, 119.

            Those elected begin to serve three-year terms effective immediately.