Boy from Stenen reunited with his quad that was previously stolen

The Anaka family of Stenen had a pleasant surprise when they woke up on the morning of August 15 to see their child's quad and some tools had been returned after being stolen from their farm near Stenen.

"When my husband Jason woke up to go to work he discovered the missing quad in our backyard," said Stacy Anaka. "My six-year-old son Oliver, who had been away visiting family when the quad went missing, was very devastated to learn that it had been stolen. “The quad was first purchased for our first son over six years ago and had been passed down in our family. It was to be Oliver’s quad to keep up and ride with his brothers. “Needless to say when he saw that it had been returned he was very overwhelmed with emotion. He told me that he cried ‘happy tears,’" she said.

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The family is very thankful to the person or persons who brought it back.

"We had lots of tips with people helping to keep on the look-out for it. Oliver had told me, before the quad was retuned, that looking at his helmet made him sad and miss his quad. The look on his face when he came around the corner of the house to see his returned quad was priceless. We are very grateful for its return," concluded Anaka.

The family believes that the person or persons who returned it were not directly involved in the theft as the items were returned directly to their home in Stenen and not returned back to the farm where they were originally stolen from.

According to an RCMP release, on August 15 the victims of this crime had their child's 50cc Arctic Cat quad, along with some tools including an air compressor and battery charger, returned to their back yard at Stenen.

Although several tools are still missing, the RCMP, along with the victim's family, would like to thank everyone for sharing the original information about the theft which perhaps led to the return of the property by putting pressure on the suspects, stated Cpl. Dallyn Holmstrom of the Canora-Sturgis RCMP.
“I can say it is not very often we get to share news of the safe return of stolen property so I'm glad I get to send this out. If anyone has any new knowledge of this property being stolen or returned please contact the Canora-Sturgis RCMP,” concluded Holmstrom.